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My Least Audacious Goals for 2008

Tuesday January 1st, 2008 by fathersez

I am sure the goals we plot and plan to achieve during the year 2008, will not all have the same levels of difficulty. Possibly some may be easier to do or take a far shorter time to do, than others. 

Similarly major goals may be broken down into a number of sub goals, or as NCN puts them, as micro-goals.  

Say, someone wants to have a 2008 goal as – “Learn more about investments and investing during the year.” This goal may be broken down into sub goals.  


Step 1 – Do some research and identify the books I should read, and prepare a list. 

Step 2 – Buy or get the books. 

Step 3 – Read book 1 in week 1 and so on… 

So a relatively complex goal can be broken down into smaller parts which can be tackled more easily. 

Then why not, make the goals less complex in the first place? Why not just have micro-goals that says “Do research…..” etc. 

Well, this is what I have done. 

For 2008, I have some major goals, some not so major ones, and some micro-goals.  

My micro ones for 2008 are :- 

a)  Learn how to draw graphs in Excel. 

This one has been bugging me for quite some time, and I never got down to learning it. Everyone who knows graphs says it is so simple…blah, blah, blah. I have to get this out of the way. So for 2008, a goal it is.  

b)  Learn how to scan documents and save them in my computer. 

This has been another painful issue. Whenever I want to post some documents in this blog, like a page from my daughter’s goal book, I have to ask colleagues or my daughter to help out. No more is this going to be an issue. Learning this is now a goal. 

c)   Learn how to take digital photos and download them into my computer. 

Hah! Bet you are saying, what a Neanderthal, this guy is. There are still people like me all over the place. And in this digital world, unless undigitized people like me get up and do something about it, we’ll get left further and further behind.  Well, I am no longer going to be left behind. 

d) Learn Photoshop 

Why? Because Simple Dollar said so. I am a great admirer of his blog and Trent should know what he is talking about. This is also part of meeting my most audacious goal for 2008.

e)  Learn how to make Yogurt 

I just love yogurt. Those sold in the shops inevitably have sugar and stuff. With 3 young (and usually hungry) children in the house, purchase of yogurt has to be done wholesale, and that is a bit heavy on the wallet.  

And looking at what Wikipedia has to say about yogurt, it looks like I am on a good ticket.  Why don’t I learn to make yogurt myself and cut out the manufacturers, middlemen’s, distributors’ and retailers’ profits? 

My sister in law makes the most divine yogurt. She has told me a number of times that it is easy to do.  This year it shall be done. 

Well, these are my micro, or little, or baby, or simple goals for the year. Maybe achieving these simple ones will act as motivators for me, whilst I plod on the grander goals.  

And maybe I’ll keep on adding micro-goals as these get done and as the year progresses. Or maybe I’ll just tell myself these are part of my goal of learning 3 or 4 new things a month.


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8 Comments for “My Least Audacious Goals for 2008”

by Brooke
On January 1, 2008
At 9:07 pm

Please do post your results and recipe for the yogurt! I’ve got a bunch of yogurt-eaters in my house and I’m sure the homemade with some strawberries from the garden is much healthier than the little, expensive, store-bought ones!

by NCN
On January 1, 2008
At 10:53 pm

Hey, thanks for the link!
I can help you w/ one

C… learn to take photos and put on computer…

your camera should come w/ a little cord that attaches to your computers usb port (the little small rectangle port on the side / back / front)…
plug the cord into the cam and to the port… turn the camera to “play”… and the cam should show up on your comp as an external hard drive… select the photos you want and drag them to your computer… bam, there they are… email me if you have questions…


by fathersez
On January 2, 2008
At 6:37 am


You mean, that’s it?

Oh boy, this may not even be a micro-goal!

Let me try and I’ll get back to you, if I am baffled by even these simple instructions.

by fathersez
On January 2, 2008
At 6:38 am


Sure will.

Don’t forget that it’s me, not my SIL who’ll be posting the recipe…..hehe


by Ottayan
On January 2, 2008
At 12:19 pm

Micro - goals one step away from micro-managing. :)

[…] My Least Audacious Goals for 2008 @ Father sez… […]

On January 6, 2008
At 7:41 pm

I made my goals for 08 even smaller than micro goals. I’ve created a daily task sheet of actions needed to do every day to reach these intentions. I check off each time that task is accomplished. So far so good.

by fathersez
On January 6, 2008
At 9:15 pm


Your system is just great.

Working on whatever our goals are on a daily basis, should be a surefire way of achieving them.

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