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My letter to my two elder girls as they start off on their first jobs

Tuesday July 1st, 2008 by fathersez

The Fathersez family have just passed another milestone. The first two children have finished their tertiary education and have just secured their first jobs. As they leave the family house to stay on their own and pursue their careers, what can I tell them? 

Though I have talked to them a little about working life being very different from living at home as our kids, I have not addressed in any detail the steps they can and should take now to better manage their career. Starting on the right foot, so to speak. 

Perhaps the best way would be to write to them. 

Dear Along and Azah, 

Assalamu’alaikum Wrt! Wbt! 

Your Mama and I have done our best to raise you both with love, care and kindness. Along the way, we may have made mistakes. After all, the both of you were our first experiences at raising children. 

Alhamdulillah, both of you have now grown up as responsible young ladies. And as the next phase of your lives as self subsisting adults start, please take some time to go through this letter. 

1.     Cultivate a positive and “can-do” attitude. Approach each day positively. Tell yourselves that if others have done it before you, there is no reason why you cannot. And if you ever feel down, take a short walk and sing a song. Hakunama Tata is good. This song about the no worries philosophy should cheer up anyone.  

2.     Watch, ask and learn as much as you can. Absorb as much as you can like a sponge. As freshies, you are entitled to ask and learn. And believe me, everyone likes to teach. Ask nicely and thank everyone for every bit of learning you get. Remember that from now on, you have to seek knowledge. Gone are the days, when you both will sit in some lecture room and a lecturer comes to give you knowledge.  

3.   Do not fear making mistakes. Only those who do nothing make no mistakes. And have no fear owning up if you have made any. 

4.   Be nice and civil to everyone. Not everyone has been brought up the way you have been and things which you think are small may not be to others. Respect the feelings of others. And remember our Fathersez’s family’s 3 laws of getting along with people.   

5.   Dress appropriately. I think your Mama has already taught you both well. Still don’t forget that it’s better to overdress than the other way around.  

6.   Put in the hours. Finish each and every piece of work you have been assigned and do it well. Do not be a clock watcher. Check each piece of work that you do before you hand it up. And then ask your supervisors if there is anything else you can do to help. Get yourselves known as the “anything else to do girls”. 

7.   Take time to understand the corporate culture. Make as many friends as you can and learn from all of them. Everyone has something to teach us. 

8.   Cut off all the time wasting activities. Texting and chatting online can wait. Value your time and use the time well. Of all the resources available, time is the only thing that is irreplaceable. Even Bill Gates has 24 hours a day. 

9.   I want to quote some of Free Money Finance’s sound advice here to make the most of your job. He suggests that you should get a mentor, hitch to a rising star and volunteer for projects. He also says that you should know your boss’s priorities, and know what she wants done and do it. Other gems are communicating the way your boss does (If he prefers email, use it. If phone, use that.), be curious and make yourself more interesting to be around.

And finally start working immediately on creating your own brand. Get yourselves known as people who are dependable and have integrity. Employers do form  opinions of their employees and I think this is a great brand to aim for. 

Well, my little princesses, both of you are now leaving the Fathersez household. This year, your Mama and Papa will not be giving you any Hari Raya money. Instead the both of you now have to give your younger siblings and the many nephews and nieces that you have. This is part of growing up and being adults. 

Remember that your career may be one of the most valuable assets that you ever own. Manage it well, and make it work for you. I have made my share of mistakes in not managing my career and want to make sure you both do not end of repeating the mistakes.

All the best as you start off in your careers. And whatever may happen, the both of you will always be your Mama and Papa’s little princesses. 



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2 Comments for “My letter to my two elder girls as they start off on their first jobs”

by MissXynix
On July 3, 2008
At 2:54 pm

Dear Papa,

Wsalam Wrt Wbt

Thank you so much for your letter. This would be my reply.

Thank you for taking care of me and my other siblings all this while. I shall look at only the positive side of each naggings and scoldings all these years.hehe.

I know that Mama and you have done the best you could, thank you. Thank you for all the money which you have spent on us, the sleepless night you had to suffer when you had to jaga us when we were young, the years you spent abroad to support our family and missing lots of your quality time with us. Its okay , insyaallah you can make up the time you had missed before during weekends, our family annual meetings and vacation!

Despite our kerepot-ness (is there such word?), im glad that my parents ni banyak bersabar and bagi each other support.

I think your advice for my working life is cool and very useful. I shall practice the “5 S” method, and also the money advice you gave.I shall treat ppl just the way i want to be treated. I hope I will do just fine in the corporate world, upgrade my skills and education and work towards having financial freedom as early as possible, insyaallah. Everyday I shall learn something new from someone or something! And most importantly,I shall leave my worries elsewhere, go with the flow and have fun more.

Btw,for someone who did not have any mentor and getting free information on the internet during his younger years, I think you did well in managing your career, cause even if you try to stop working at an early age, i know you do love
working and travelling abroad. Hehe. But i know what u meant, making our money work hard for us is much more better and valuable.

Thank you Papa n Mama for everything, I will always hold you close to my heart.

Tons of Love from your loving daughter,


P/S: Can we keep a hamster /or hamsters? hehe kidding!

On July 3, 2008
At 4:43 pm


Thanks for the letter, Aja. Hope your sister also feels the same.



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