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My M.A.G. for 2008 – Part 1

Sunday December 30th, 2007 by fathersez

This is not about my magazine subscriptions for 2008 but about my Most Audacious Goal for 2008. 

And it is:- 

Bringing this blog to a readership of 15,000 page views a day.  

Why 15,000? Well, FMF has said he can guide me to 100,000 a day, but when I saw that JD of Grow Rich Slowly had 9,000 unique visitors a day (not sure exactly when, but I think some time after he started his blog), I thought, well, let me try for 15,000. 

(Actually, as at time of writing, I am not quite sure if FMF’s 100,000 and JD’s 9,000 refer to the same metric…but 15,000 sounds good.) 

So how do I intend to go about doing this?  I made 7 sub headings, and listed everything and anything that I felt would help me along, under these headings. Especially links that I thought would be useful. 

a)  Knowledge Gathering  

These would be my resources for understanding about blogging and learning tips about building a successful blog. The blogosphere is incredibly generous when it comes to sharing knowledge, so this list grew quickly. The main ones, not in any particular order are: 

i)                  Simple Dollar’s “Building a better blog for 2007”,  

ii)                Steve Pavlina’s “How to build a high traffic blog”,  

iii)             FMF’s “How to get your blog to 100,000 visitors”, 

iv)              Dumb Little Man’s “Blogging for Beginners”, 

v)                Blueprint for Financial Prosperity’s “25 steps to a wildly successful PF Blog”,   

vi)              Problogger’s “31 days to a better blog”, 

vii)           Clever Dude’s “50 tips for new personal finance bloggers”,  

viii)         Yaro Starak’s “Blog Profit Blueprint”. I managed to download this great E Book from his site, but can’t seem to find a link to it now.    

Some of these were in the form of a series, so I copied and pasted them into a form of one long article each.  I shall read all these carefully, make notes of the steps they suggest and follow the steps.  After all, the steps have worked for them. And hopefully should also work for me.   

b)  Content 

To quote, Yaro Starak, content is what makes people read our blog. So content is king! And everyone agrees. Write compelling content!  

(To be honest, I have always thought that I was writing compelling content…..don’t we all think our contents are compelling?)

Anyway, exactly what is compelling content? This was a little more difficult to figure out. But this question was answered in the form of a post from Skelliewag’s “How to avoid fool’s gold and create value packed content.” 

Her blog is just overflowing with guidance and tips on this. 

How do we keep churning out the ideas? How do we keep writing  compelling posts daily?

Problogger gave a helping hand in the form of using mind maps in this and also this way. 

Yaro Starak, too, gives his advice. In his E-Book, Blog Profit Blueprint, he makes the very logical suggestion that Content + Marketing = Traffic.  He suggests that we should have pillar contents. By pillar articles he has listed :-  

-         How to articles on what we have learnt, 

-         Definitions, 

-         Theory or an argument – a fresh view, 

-         A resource, like an E-Book, 

-         List article, eg 7 ways to skin a cat….(the example is mine, by the way), 

-         Technical Blueprints 

And can you feel JHS’s thoughts and feelings as she reads the most powerful, thought provoking and moving post she has read in a long, long time?  

What do we do when we have to go off on an extended vacation, or are unable to post for an extended period? 

The Simple Dollar suggests that we should have posts on standby all the time. Preprogrammed to go online like clockwork, so as never to leave the readers hanging.   

Another great suggestion that I bookmarked just recently was JD’s guest post on Problogger on how his blog grew whilst he was on a 3 week vacation  

c)   Traffic 

How to increase traffic is included in most of the posts listed as my foundation resources under knowledge gathering.  Not to mention the tons of advise and suggestions available at Problogger. 

As Yaro says, traffic is content + marketing. In his Blog Profit Blueprint, he says that it is through marketing, people find our good content. On marketing he gives a comprehensive list of communication channels (which are, as he says pathways and lures to bring people to our site).  

Again, I have to come up with a list of tasks based on all the guides and shall set about doing them in a methodical fashion.  

d) Technical Stuff 

Shudder! Shudder! 

I am technologically challenged, so this will be an area where I’ll have some fear. I thought I had it all figured out with “pings”, and now it looks like I have to get used to link aggregators, tags, social bookmarks etc. 

I have bought the book, WordPress for Dummies by Lisa Sabin-Wilson and shall have to somehow wade my way through it. (The title is very reassuring.) 

And I just have to grit my teeth and step into the world of “slashes and backslashes”. I believe some people call it “html”. 

This post has gotten a little longer than I expected. Though we are advised not to worry about the length of our posts, I think we shall stop here for the day. 

And tomorrow we shall look at the concluding part of my MAG for 2008. 

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9 Comments for “My M.A.G. for 2008 – Part 1”

On December 30, 2007
At 11:15 pm

Very cool!

Some initial steps I’d recommend are getting your own site (may be part of the M.A.G. for tomorrow) and using feedburner.com for your feed.

The second is a lot easier and you can pretty quickly get a link near the top of your sidebar. Perhaps above your recent posts. That way it’s easy for people to subscribe.

Also, I’d advise (once you move to your own site and can control your html), signing up with statcounter, sitemeter, and Google analytics (yes, all three) to track your pageviews, came froms, all that stuff. Two involve altering html (just insert the code in your footer), which wordpress.com doesn’t let you do unless you pay more. The nifty wordpress.com counter doesn’t come with the Wordpress software.

These will provide three takes on your traffic (and they won’t always agree) along with stats like who’s been referring your site or what search words people used to find it. :)

by fathersez
On December 31, 2007
At 7:22 am

Thanks for the advice, Mrs. Micah.

I am moving to my own site, and the subscribe feature will be included. I’ll check if the stat counters etc., will be included.

I have asked someone to design the new site and I think he mentioned Google Analytics, but I’ll check anyway.

The statement “you can control your own html” is a little intimidating though.

You are proof that the senior bloggers are incredibly generous with tips and guidance.

by Patrick
On December 31, 2007
At 7:51 pm

Hello fathersez, I will second Mrs. Micah’s tips. From what I have seen, the most successful websites in terms of traffic are generally private domains. There are always exceptions to the rule, however.

15,000 daily page views is a very aggressive goal, but one that is certainly attainable with great content, networking, and a little luck along the way. I believe FMF was referring to 100,000 visits total (not in one month), and Get Rich Slowly and The Simple Dollar both receive in the neighborhood of 22,000 page views per day (as evidenced by the Sitemeter readings.)

For comparison, my site (which has seen a lot of growth over the last several months but is not in the same league as GRS or TSD) received an average of about 900 page views per day during December. I am happy with the growth of my site and hope it continues. My goal is to always have more visitors than the previous month. With that goal, I can only strive to improve and if I do, I am happy.

Good luck with your goal and your site!

by fathersez
On December 31, 2007
At 9:32 pm

Thanks, Patrick for taking time and effort to pen your thoughts. It’s most appreciated.

Looks like in my ignorance, I may have bitten off more than I can chew. At least I have learnt something additional today.

I have always put blogs like yours way outside my league and never in my wildest dreams thought I was shooting for 15 times better. Don’t lets even broach the issue of comparing with GRS or TSD.

I am not sure, if I should change the target. Or should I just leave it as it is and keep plodding away? Maybe 2008 will a year, where the ‘Great Distributor” of luck decides to give me a little more.

I truly value your time and effort.

Thanks again.

On January 2, 2008
At 7:36 am

“You are proof that the senior bloggers are incredibly generous with tips and guidance.”

Thanks, fathersez. I’d never have made it without even other bloggers’ advice. Kind of a “pass it on” thing. :)

by fara
On January 2, 2008
At 2:34 pm


Thanks for visiting my blog. I absolutely love this post. I hope i’d be able to bring up the page views on my blog as well. Good luck on your quest!

On January 4, 2008
At 9:05 am

Great post! You have pulled a lot of excellent information together in one place. I have bookmarked it so I can refer to it in the future.

Best Wishes,

by fathersez
On January 4, 2008
At 4:09 pm

Thank, D4L.

To be honest, I am continuosly astounded by the research you do on your stocks and investments.

It is a real loss that I live in another part of the world and cannot take advantage of the clearly valuable information you are putting up on your blog.

And praise like this coming from you is most appreciated.

Thanks a lot

On January 5, 2008
At 2:05 am

You are too kind. I greatly enjoy your web site.

Best Wishes,

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