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My M.A.G. for 2008 – Part 2

Monday December 31st, 2007 by fathersez

Yesterday we talked about Part 1 of my Most Audacious Goal for 2008, which is :- 

Bringing this blog to a readership of 15,000 page views a day.  

We covered the areas of:- 

a)  Knowledge Gathering  

b)  Content

c)   Traffic and

d)  Technical Stuff 

Today let’s follow up on the rest of landmarks in my journey to meet my MAG for 2008. 

a)  Advertising / Business Model 

I have not put much thought on this. Right now, this blog is not seen as a money source.  If I look at the improvements in my own personal life that my foray into blogging has resulted in, this investment has already paid itself over many, many times. By far, the best investment I have ever made in the area of self improvement.  

Still, stories like “I made $3,828.72 in March” does have a ring of excitement. So I intend to embark on this someday soon. 

Maybe I should consider this model ……. And this idea, which is consistent with the message D4L is promoting also looks attractive. 

And of course, there are many graciously given guides like:- 

-   Single Ma’s 7 ways I can earn money while blogging,  

I am sure that with the generosity of the senior bloggers, there will be lots and lots of guidance on this. 

b)  Blog Design  

First, my sense of style and design is something that even my wife is not proud of. And she is a really tolerant woman. Second, I am technologically challenged.   

So when I read seemingly nonchalant statements like ….”I have just tweaked my design..”, I just go green with envy.  

I like The Digerati Life’s bright, cheery and welcoming style. I hope to model my new blog on this. 

From the designs of the other blogs that I read, certain aspects appear appealing. I have noted some of these, and have asked a web designer to create a new design for me.   

I should also have some widgets and whatchamacallits.   

The new design is scheduled to come online by the 8th February 08. 

c) Blog or Blogger Branding 

This has also not been figured out yet. Most of the blogs I read give me the impression that the bloggers are very passionate and driven people. And mostly serious.  

Maybe Brip Blap and Punny Money give me the impression that they are a little laid back guys, though no less serious in the articles they produce.  

The blogger who stands out, in my mind, with a brand, is the Fabulous Single Ma. When I read her posts, I get the feeling that she is smiling, has a gleam in her eye and is humming something catchy as she writes her posts. That is how she seems to have positioned herself.  

I have no idea what image my blog or posts create in the minds of my readers. I hope it’s that of sincerity with a dash of humor.   

d) Blogging Etiquette 

I have not done any searches in Problogger on this specific matter. Most blogs give the universal advice that we should be polite. For example, MMND’s 12 success tips for newbies. 

Frugal though she may be, cultured and well versed in the social graces is the Duchess. She took the trouble to welcome readers of the Simple Dollar and Consumerism Commentary who dropped by due to the Duchess being mentioned in the former and her guest post in the latter. 

I, too, had a spike in readership, when Zen Habits made a mention of my blog as a Blogger of Kindness. Being a little dense, I did nothing other than feeling pleased as punch. 

Now that I have learnt a little social grace, I hope Zen Habits will accept my belated thanks and so would his readers who dropped by. Please be assured that you were most welcome. And that you are equally most welcome to visit again. 

I am preparing a file under the various headings mentioned, where I’ll make a note of something I pick up from all the reading and learning. Then I have to steadily and ploddingly work on this list. I expect this list to be dynamic and ongoing.

So too, shall be my journey in blogging.  

I think the target will be tough, but not impossible. (I am saying so, only because others have done it before). Whatever the outcome, I am sure I’ll enjoy myself and improve myself at the same time. So there is no downside for me at all.  

It looks to me that my MAG for 2008, is a goal and a plan has been developed to meet the goal.  Nevertheless, it would be great if my MAG could be scrutinized by an independent party. 

I would be grateful if Patrick of Cash Money Life would have a look and see if my Most Audacious Goal for 2008 meets his SMART guidelines and also if Mike of Quest for Four Pillars can confirm that my MAG is not just a wish.

Thanks in advance, guys.  

And the day, I feel brave enough to apply to host a Carnival, I’ll feel that I have arrived! 

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14 Comments for “My M.A.G. for 2008 – Part 2”

by Patrick
On December 31, 2007
At 8:03 pm

Hello fathersez,

I think your goals are great. In my opinion, to be a good goal, the SMART criteria is not required, just the fact that you put thought into your target, know why you want to get there, and have a reasonable plan on achieving your goal. You have laid out a great goal. You have obviously put a lot of thought into your website and the websites of others. When you analyze what works and why, you often find new ways to achieve growth. Good luck with your progress!

By the way, I think your site looks very nice and clean. (as opposed to my site, which I think is somewhat cluttered).

On December 31, 2007
At 8:21 pm

Well, if it’s any consolation it took me about 2 days of frustrating work before I could write that I’d “tweaked” the theme. ;)
It’s still not everything I’d like, but I don’t know why…CSS takes a while to learn.

On December 31, 2007
At 8:21 pm

Hey there, thanks for the mention.

This is an interesting scenario. I do think that the effort you put into getting new readers makes a big difference in terms of how many new readers and page views you will get but at the same time you have to be realistic.

While it’s not impossible to get to 15k pageviews / day in one year, I think it’s fairly unlikely so most of this goal is probably what I would consider a wish.

My suggestion for picking a goal related to page views is to look at other sites that have been around for a few months (ie six months) and look at their pageviews and base a goal on that. I would guess something like 1000 pageviews/day is a more realistic goal.

The goal doesn’t have to be tied in with the calander year either - if you reach the 1000 mark part way through the year then you can set a new goal at that point in time.


by fathersez
On December 31, 2007
At 9:40 pm

Thanks, Patrick.

I have put some thought into this goal and the work ahead seems formidable. (And this was with the ignorance about the magnitude of what I was taking on.)

One thing is clear though, there is a lot more to learn.

And the site looks clean is a kind statement. Bare might be a better description…hehe

Thanks again, Patrick and a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year to you, your family and readers.

by fathersez
On December 31, 2007
At 9:41 pm

Mrs. Micah,

Shucks, you are saying that just to make me feel better.


by fathersez
On December 31, 2007
At 9:50 pm


Thanks for dropping by and thank you for your frank views. I have just “discovered”, that I may have bitten off more than I can chew.

I am thinking of keeping the 15,000 on the horizon (like you said, not neccessarily a calender year, maybe longer) and place micro numbers in between. And keep focussing on the micro number as immediate goal and then raise the bar a little at a time.

I have not done what I should have done in the 1st place, i.e. check out the sitemeter readings. Thanks for pointing this out.

Once I do this, I have to come up with the micro numbers.

Thanks again for your time and trouble, Mike. I really appreciate it.


On January 1, 2008
At 2:49 am

Lol. Gather Little By Little can attest to a number of panicky “Why isn’t this working” messages. ;)
Trying to think of a good site to recommend for learning more about CSS….

On January 1, 2008
At 12:15 pm

No problem, you raised an interesting point about goals (ie how realistic they should be). I think this might result in another post on “goals”…


On January 1, 2008
At 1:15 pm

Wow, thanks so much for your vote of confidence about my design. I hope you are able to achieve your goals with your blog and I happily anticipate the unveiling of your new design as well! Happy New Year!!

by fathersez
On January 1, 2008
At 1:50 pm

Ms. SVB,

Thank you for your kind wishes.

A very Happy and Prosperous New Year to you too!!

PS: Hope I do not end up infringing any copyrights? When the new design is launched, perhaps, you can give it a once over with an eagle eye.

On January 2, 2008
At 11:17 am

I’m following the universal advice that we should be polite bloggers and writing to thank you for the link to my article!

I love the photo on the header of your page. Where was it taken? Reminds me of our trip to New Zealand. Beautiful!

Best wishes for reaching your blogging goals- especially your MAG. It can happen!

by fathersez
On January 2, 2008
At 11:51 am

Thanks. MMND for dropping by.

I am honoured that after the media exposure, you have taken time to drop by my site.

Alas, the picture was not taken by me, in NZ or anywhere. It was from one of the “free” ones at WP.

Thanks again, and have a great time.

(Hopefully I’ll be able to throw away my alarm clocks soon, like in a couple of decades perhaps…hehe)

On January 3, 2008
At 12:17 pm

Thanks so much. This is such a thoughtful post and you’ve given me a lot to think about.

Take Care!

On January 5, 2008
At 1:47 am

I think being called laid-back is one of the nicest compliments I could get… I’m not a REAL laid-back guy, I certainly have my passions, but I have always aspired to be a take-it-as-it-comes sort.

Good list of audacious goals! I hope you achieve every one of them!

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