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My plan on making time for my personal goals

Tuesday March 18th, 2008 by fathersez

Zen Habits recently wrote an excellent article on how to make time for our personal goals. He listed 11 points, which if followed, should achieve the intended purpose. 

I have been making, what I believed to be SMART goals for quite some time now. However the end of the year review would inevitably earn an “F”. So many of the goals would be left untouched and just carried forward to the next year. 

Even since Cash Money Life started the very useful Carnival of Financial Goals, I have been reading a lot of stories on the goals set by PF bloggers and also their reviews. Some of them even post a monthly review of their journey. 

This has trigerred the feeling of inadequacy in my goal setting and achieveing mechanism.

Thus the post by Zen Habits was most timely.  

Though currently working, I have set a goal and made plans to quit the rat race. Now more than ever, I want to ensure that my set goals are achieved. And this is how I am going about it. 

a)  Reviewing my goals and making sure that the goals set are truly, truly something that I WANT AND DESIRE. 

I attended a course on goal setting a long time ago. One statement the presenter made that has been etched permanently in my mind is “You must really want the goal! If you are not willing to spend money, effort and time in achieving that goal, then you might as well forget it now.” 

So some of the goals are being sort of discarded.  (One of them has to do with this blog. Even since I read the Baglady’s plan to start a Chinese blog, I wanted to start one in Malay. This plan has been discarded, or rather set aside.)

b) Redoing my time management  

I wrote a post sometime ago on how I plan my time. This method has worked for me for quite some time and I am very happy with it. The key drawback was in the manner I was setting up my schedules. 

I was not scheduling my priorities; rather I was prioritizing my schedule.   


As the chart above shows, my time management process now consists of:- 

i)                  Looking at my goals and the plans I had drawn up to achieve the goals,  

ii)                For each goal, I asked myself, “What should I do this month to achieve this goal? What should I do this week and what should I do this day?” 

iii)             Plugging these tasks in my calendar, 

iv)              And working on them. 

c)               The tasks under career etc. 

These have now taken a lower priority. I have a firm belief that I’ll never ever bite the hand that feeds me, so my boss need not have any worries that I’ll just laze away. But I must admit there is no blazing fire in me causing me to want to shine in my career. 

I have sacrificed far too many “once in a lifetime events” as far as my family is concerned. I have always put my job first. This is no longer going to be the case. For my 3 younger children, I’ll be there for their memorable days and events.

I no longer have to make a choice between career and family. This has already been predetermined.          

Now I am confident that my priorities have been scheduled! 

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3 Comments for “My plan on making time for my personal goals”

by Patrick
On March 18, 2008
At 6:54 pm

Great article, fathersez! :)

I’m glad you’ve made time for your family and made them number one in your life.

I also think this quote is wonderful: “I was not scheduling my priorities; rather I was prioritizing my schedule.”

This is something I need to focus on!

On March 18, 2008
At 8:44 pm

Thanks, Patrick.

But the quote is not an original from me. I think it was Dr. Covey who mentioned it in one of his books, either the 7 Habits or First Things First.

But it is a great statement to focus on.


On January 3, 2011
At 9:33 am

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