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Our 2 elder girls are leaving home……well, almost

Monday November 3rd, 2008 by fathersez


My elder 2 girls. Taken by their mother when all of us were much much younger. I look at this picture often and have never failed to feel happy and grateful.

I have earlier written about the job my eldest girl got teaching children. She started her job at about the same time as her younger sister who works in an accounting firm. The places of work were at diametrically opposite sides of town so they could not live together. Along, my eldest stayed temporarily with the family of one of my best friends (who passed way last year). 

Azah, her second rented a room near her office.

Along then resigned from her job and came back home.  And now she has gotten an opportunity to be an apprentice to a counsellor, something that she really likes. The great thing is that this counselling office is quite near to where Azah works. 

Naturally, the family has decided that the two girls should now stay together.  We have now rented a house around where Azah works. The house is too big for the two of them, so they’ll have to get some of their friends as boarders. We have bought some basic furniture and a little more stuff such as kitchen stuff is still outstanding. The plan is for the two of them to move in by the 15th of this month. 

Luckily, my wife and I are quite prepared for this move. The 2 girls have already spent 3 years away from home during their varsity days.  Though the fussing parent in me keeps worrying about whether they’ll be able to look after themselves, I just have to let go. The two girls just have to sort themselves out.  The girls now have to:-

  • look after themselves – hygiene, health, safety, comfort, nutrition. (including going to see a doctor and paying for medical services if they are ill).
  • look after their surroundings – tidying and cleaning up, keeping secure
  • look after their money – budgeting, saving, making wise choices
  • take responsibility for themselves

The good things are that they are sensible girls, are only an hour’s drive away and they have each other to help. They can also come back almost every weekend.

And we have another 3 kids still at home with us! So we don’t have to worry at all about an “empty nest”. Still I cannot help thinking of them as the toddlers they were that many years ago. And worry a little.

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by MissXynix1805
On November 4, 2008
At 3:44 pm


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