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Our selling of our house – one step closer to completion

Sunday June 1st, 2008 by fathersez

I have written about the sale of one of our investment properties, i.e. our former home.  

We signed the S & P Agreement for the house in late April 08. The sale has to be approved by the State Authorities, before it becomes effective. We had provided for a 6 month period in the S & P Agreement for the securing of this approval. (Yes, this doesn’t speak too highly of our State Government’s efficiency.)  

Lo and behold, the approval came out late last week. Whether this is due to the change in our State Government in the last elections, or just a general improvement in the delivery system of the State Government, I don’t really know. But the speed of the approval surprised everyone when I told them. 

This morning, I met with our tenant and the buyer at the house. The house was handed over to the buyer, with whom I’ll now have a landlord-tenant relationship till the full payment is made. (Our previous tenant has moved into another house not too far from this house.) The deadline for the balance payment is late August 08.

The buyer came with his wife, his 4 children, his parents in law, and his brother in law and one of his nieces.  

I felt an intense feeling of nostalgia, when I walked them through the rooms. Our three younger children were born in this house and their antics will always remain etched in our memory.  

It seemed like an era has ended in our lives. And a new era begins for the buyer.          

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