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Progress Update – My goat farm

Sunday May 11th, 2008 by fathersez


Our first goat shed 

I have not updated all of you on the progress of our goat farm. 

Upon completion of the sheds and other ancillary buildings, we were scheduled to have our “kenduri” in early April. My mother’s untimely demise put paid to this plan and now a new date has been scheduled for the 22 June 08. 

Development Progress 

The first goat shed has been completed and is ready to receive the first goats. We have built a small open shed where the Napier grass would be shred before being fed to the goats.  

We are also growing other fodder trees, namely, Petai Belalang and Geti all around the farm. These trees have just been planted after being incubated in our house in poly bags for the last month. It’ll be about another 6 months or so before they’ll be reasonably well grown. 

The construction of the farm house to accommodate the workers is underway now. This house should be completed by the end of the next two weeks.  A chicken coop for about 100 free range hens is also under construction. This should also be completed at about the same time as the farm house. 

Electricity supply is in.  

Water supply will be from 2 wells. This week the water pump will be fitted and the water reticulation checked out for pressure and leakages. These two wells will be the source for the goats’ drinking water, cleaning of the sheds (another 3 sheds will be built over the next 6 months), watering the garden and for the workers sanitary needs.  

Identifying the Workers  

This has also been completed. The two young men are now back in their hometown in Indonesia and sorting out their travel papers. My wife is coordinating with the Malaysian Immigration Department for the necessary work permit papers. This may be a little convoluted process, but I think this should be sorted out before the end of this month.

Then there is the Indonesian side to sort out.  Hopefully the boys will be in by early July.  

Buying the first batch of goats 

The first batch will be 40 goats, 2 male and the rest female. These goats will be bought locally and only after the workers are in. In the meantime, Zai (my wife’s cousin and our partner in this project is identifying local sources. 

So far the plan seems to be on track. 

The critical path is the arrival of the workers at the farm. There are still a number of   things that have to be sorted out.  The biggest of which would be the waste disposal method. 250 goats can produce almost 10 tonnes of waste and we intend to dry the waste, powder them and then pack them for sale as organic fertiliser.  

I am going to enjoy this!    

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16 Comments for “Progress Update – My goat farm”

On May 11, 2008
At 8:47 pm

Wow, to a city girl like me, this is a fascinating and impressive project! It looks like you’re really on track. How fantastic!

On May 12, 2008
At 8:31 am

That’s awesome!! I think your waste-repackaging idea is excellent. No point in letting it just sit around, it’s so useful as fertilizer….isn’t it wonderful how everything works together?

by Miss Xynix
On May 12, 2008
At 8:56 am

All The Best~!

On May 12, 2008
At 10:36 am

@ CFO,

Thanks. My wife and I are equally overwhelmed at the amount of work that has been done. (We are city folks, too).

I am really looking forward to life as a farmer.


On May 12, 2008
At 10:38 am

@Mrs. M,

Nature has a nicely balanced cycle of life…almost nothings goes to waste. There is a scientific term to this cycle, I have forgotten it.

We plan to sell the fertiliser to other city folk.

Thanks for your supportive words.


On May 12, 2008
At 10:40 am

Ms. Xynix,

Now you can try out rearing your rabbits, hamsters and all the other pets you have wanted to keep since you were small. Hope you and your siblings enjoy the farm as much as your mother and I will.

Love, Papa

by Along
On May 14, 2008
At 1:24 am

papa! congratulations!!!

Along can’t wait to see the farm. Along prays that everything will go according to plan n the farm will be success. :)

On May 14, 2008
At 10:14 am

Thanks, Along.

Once you are back, we can all go down to Batang Melaka and see the farm. Insya’Allah by then the farm should be in full swing.

by matdex
On May 15, 2008
At 2:06 pm

Salam…Great!! Please keep posting about your farm. I would like to have one too..Maybe in near future I will consult you on project likr this.
Good Luck..

On May 15, 2008
At 3:24 pm


Thanks, Matdex, for dropping by. Perhaps one day you can drop by our farm. You’ll be always welcome!

by Natasha
On June 18, 2008
At 1:20 pm

the shed is huge! and so high off the ground! Is this so your workers can easily walk under to collect the droppings, or is there another reason for that height?

On June 18, 2008
At 2:24 pm

Hi, Natasha,

Welcome to my site. The kandang has been made high so that it’ll be airy and keep the goats cool. And it’ll be easier to collect the droppings.


by dilshad
On July 1, 2009
At 9:10 pm

iam happy to see ur farm pic in fathersez bcz iam just to begin a farm sed for goat & farm house for workers thanks for shareing u r idea

by keon
On July 8, 2009
At 3:59 pm

do u use nipple for drinking?
where can i get them……

by liyakat
On October 16, 2009
At 10:02 pm

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by liyakat
On October 16, 2009
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