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Psst…..any of you know Christopher Nolan? I need to get in touch with him.

Friday August 8th, 2008 by fathersez

The Dark Knight, a Batman movie directed by Mr. Nolan has broken all box office records, it seems. (Except for one still taken by the Titanic) 

Well, I have a story plot that should make Mr. Nolan drool. Hear some of the chapter headings: 

-         the riches of King Solomon at stake, 

-         a former Deputy Prime Minister is now accused and charged with sodomy, 

-         The present Deputy Prime Minister is alleged to be involved in a sensational murder of a Mongolian model. She was blown up with C4 explosives and had previously worked as a translator in a deal with this DPM’s Ministry of Defence worth more than a billion Ringgit.  

-         the present Prime Minister is often accused of sleeping through many meetings, hence allowing the various Ministers and local District officials to run their respective fiefdoms as, well, their respective fiefdoms, 

-         The alleged victim of the sodomy case was declared a total stranger by the present DPM. Then the DPM admitted that he had met the victim in his (DPM’s) house and earlier at his office, 

-         and this victim had met the DPM “before” he was sodomised, 

-         a doctor who examined the victim and wrote a medical report that he found no evidence of sodomy has released a Statutory Declaration to this effect and has left the country fearing for his life, 

-         A private investigator who once worked for the late Mongolian model issued a SD claiming the present DPM’s involvement with the lady. Two days later, he issued another SD (after meeting with the police) that his first SD was in error. This PI has also left the country, 

-         in the last General Elections of March 08, the ruling party received their worst ever blow from the people. 

Those of you who need a blow by blow account of this intense thriller as it develops can read some of the primary Malaysian political blogs. The ones that I read are Rocky’s Bru, written by a veteran former journalist, and Malaysia Today written by, I think, a really courageous and well informed Malaysian.

I never write about politics in my blog. This blog is dedicated to imparting the life lessons I have learnt to my children and to any others who may be interested. So please do not take this post as a political post.  Rather it is an offer to Mr. Nolan to get in touch with me, so that together we can put up a movie script that promises to have all the ingredients of a best seller. Of course, the late Mr. Ludlum would also have been most welcome (wonder who is his worthy successor).  

And to let my children know that I think we have very poor leaders who seem to think that there is little need for any accountability for the posts they hold. 

My beloved country is being buffeted by very strong winds. The people we have entrusted to hold the rudder steady seem to be distracted. I pray and hope that good sense and morality will prevail and that we will not be put into the depths of countries like Zimbabwe.  

It looks like I am not the only concerned person here. Some Malaysians are so upset by the unfolding events that they have declared our country to be in extreme distress and are flying our national flag upside down. A campaign to promote this sign of protest has been launched 

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One Comment for “Psst…..any of you know Christopher Nolan? I need to get in touch with him.”

by CL
On August 15, 2008
At 11:53 am


Things are looking very good for you and your blog will occupied your early retirement.

Should be enjoying your time now, that you are your own boss, and need not sell Malaysian sad politics to movie producers.

All the best

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