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Round Up for week ending 10th April 08

Thursday April 10th, 2008 by fathersez

Finally, I gave up and just clicked the outstanding pile of posts in my reader as “read”. The wonders of technology! I felt as if a major burden had been lifted from my shoulders. I don’t know how to explain this. I owed no one any obligation to read the posts. Yet, just because they were THERE, I felt as if I would be doing something wrong by not reading them.  

I must have missed a number of great articles, and that would be my loss. At least, I am back to start again. Still, I managed to catch some interesting reads.   

Steve at Brip Blap ponders over the religious influences his 2 year old son is getting whilst attending preschool. Whilst listing several plus points for the school, this seems to be the one negative weighing on his mind. Almost all the comments were for him to take it easy. Let the little fella enjoy himself and his mother (who is expecting) have a well deserved rest whilst he is in school. I also take the view that perhaps Steve is taking it a little too seriously. 

When I first read this post, I looked for the date…nope, it was not April 1st.  Lily has declared that she is done with blogging. As a former investment banker, she is well qualified to write about finance, and she has a really neat and cool looking blog. I became an avid follower of her blog after reading her thundering piece in defense of personal finance bloggers. I wish her all the best and hope that she will reconsider her decision and perhaps blog as and when she feels like it. 

Mrs. M wrote a piece on preparing an alien abduction manual for Mr. M to follow in case she was suddenly beamed away by some aliens. Madison at the Dollar Plan has also earlier voiced out her thoughts on a “similar matter” in the form of a letter to her dear husband. This is a very interesting thought, and I’ll have to follow up on Mrs. M progress reports on her manual as it takes shape.  

This story by David on survival after leaving his high paying but incredibly stifling corporate job without another gig in hand is reassuring. I have my plans to do the same. I believe I have planned for it reasonably well and so far the plan is on track. I can almost taste the freedom now. 

Gather Little by Little wrote a very timely and useful post on 10 things not to do during an interview. As a regular interviewer he is well placed to make these statements. My second girl is now at home sending out resume after resume. She has an interview scheduled for this Saturday, and I am sure she’ll appreciate these words of advice.  

Many of the personal finance bloggers are now writing about the tough times ahead. Newspaper headlines about downsizings, food lines and even food shortages are also getting more common. Against this backdrop, Lynnae’s post on a busload of frugal tips to stretch the dollar is most timely and should be recommended reading for all. 

Many of us wonder if it would be worth paying a professional to do our taxes for us. Well, the Iowahippiechick should be voting for “Yes! You must!”, as her “rockstar” CPA unearths deductions she otherwise might have missed. Good for her. At this rate ole Uncle Sam will have a lot less to waste away in the national budget. 

This is it for this week, folks. Have a great and happy weekend. 

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7 Comments for “Round Up for week ending 10th April 08”

by Lynnae
On April 10, 2008
At 9:54 pm

Thanks for the mention!

by David
On April 11, 2008
At 12:44 am

Thanks so much for the mention, and I look forward to hearing about your plans!!

On April 11, 2008
At 4:15 am

Thanks, fathersez.

There is so much good stuff written online (and even more junk) that we’ll never read it all. It’s not humanly possible. And fortunately that’s ok. 100% ok.

On April 11, 2008
At 7:26 am

@Lynnae, David, Mrs. M

You are most welcome.

On April 13, 2008
At 11:12 am

Thanks for the mention! I am probably taking it too seriously, but that’s just my personality type! I overanalyze. A lot.

And yeah, I feel bad for hitting “mark all read” but sometimes you can drive yourself insane when trying to catch up. Trust me, we all do it sometimes :)

On April 13, 2008
At 7:06 pm

Hello Steve,

Thanks for the validation. I thought I might be going against some bloggers’ code by hitting the “mark all read” button.

On April 16, 2008
At 10:57 am

Ah yes, the mark all button. I feel horrible when I hit it… but it saves you sometimes! Thanks for the mention.

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