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Round up for week ending 12th June 08

Thursday June 12th, 2008 by fathersez

Last week was pretty hectic.  

My wife and I went to Tanjong Balai, an Indonesian port that is about an hour’s ferry ride from Malaysia, for sourcing the Indonesian workers for our goat farm.  If all goes according to plan, the 2 workers should be in our farm by the end of this month. 

My eldest daughter returned home from Wales after completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.  

Meanwhile posts that I think are worthy of mention are listed here.

Malaysian fuel prices were raised by a whopping 41%, to RM2.70 a litre on the stroke of midnight, the 4th of June 08. This is going to (actually it already has) unleash a tsunami of price increases across the board. Malaysians now have to tighten their belts and it’s not going to be easy to tighten one’s belt by at least 20% overnight! 

A guest post on Clever Dude makes some compelling points for the better side of debt. The roads to all mistakes are paved with good intentions, so if we are not disciplined, then all debt becomes bad. If we are disciplined, debt can be a useful tool.

The Chief Family Officer celebrates the 3rd anniversary of her blog. And the Dude who is also Clever celebrates his 2nd!  To the CFO and CD, my heartiest congratulations on your anniversaries and all the best for many more to come.  

I found Pinyo’s post on how he started the M Network very informative. Over the past year, I have seen a couple of networks being formed and it looks like a good idea. Maybe I should try to see if I can help form a Malaysian PF Group.  

Congratulations to the Frugal Duchess on the launch of her first book, “How to Live Well and Save”.  She is a great writer and has shown her prowess at frugality in her blog postings, so I’m sure her book will be a great success. 

This post by Jeff on following our dreams and desires was an inspiring one for me. Especially his No: 3 …..”Don’t be afraid to fail”. This statement dovetailed well with another quote I read earlier, attributed to JR Rowlings….Rock bottom is the rock solid foundation on which I shall build my future…..or something to that effect. 

The fear of failure keeps us from trying to live our dreams. Reading inspiring posts like Jeff’s helps in overcoming these fears.  

The Art of Manliness had an interesting listing of good and bad TV Dads. My favourite role model would have to be Dr. Huxtable, that witty cheerful doctor who has a way of resolving every issue a family with 5 kids could possibly encounter. 

Have a great weekend, folks.   

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