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Round up for week ending 13 March 08

Thursday March 13th, 2008 by fathersez

Two memorable blogging events happened for me this week. 

One has been my effort to seek help from the pf online world on answering a dilemma a good friend of mine has. I am truly amazed at the help, support and encouragement I have received over this matter. 

Lynnae did a full post to help me. A number of very constructive comments were made on my post. I also searched FMF’s archives and found a number of posts that should be relevant   

My friend (who is away in the Middle East now) will be digesting all the replies and strategizing on how best to resolve his dilemma.  My friend BC and I thank all of you for your efforts. 

Secondly my first ever guest post.

Flexo at Consumerism Commentary graciously gave me an opportunity to showcase one of my works on his well respected blog.

Thanks again, Flexo.  

On a personal level, our country saw off our 12th General Elections the result of which is something we have never seen in the 50 years since independence. 

My second girl is now back home, having finished her final exams. It’s   time to formally kick off the father-daughter talks on how to help her find a job that she would like. 

And these are the posts, I found interesting, useful or different, from the blogosphere this past week. They are listed in no particular order. 

Lynnae’s How to budget with an irregular income, came at the right time for me. I am a trained finance professional and yet I did our household /family budget for the first time not too long ago. I am preparing myself to “quit” the rat race and concentrate on seeking my own dreams. Lynnae’s post will be very useful in guiding me and for me to evaluate my readiness.   

Trent laid down his timetable for a typical day. Man! The weekdays are stuffed full, leaving his weekends open for his discretion. With his decision to quit his job, there may be more time. I am looking forward to the day when he tells about how he would be slotting in time for the other interests he said he wanted to do.   

Saif writes about the 7 Rules of Life he wished he knew. Perhaps we may all know the Rules unconsciously. It’s more like we never acknowledge and appreciate them. By listing out these 7 Rules, Saif has clarified our thoughts and rekindled our appreciation.

Thanks, Saif.  

Madison at My Dollar Plan writes about planning ahead for scholarships and financial aid for tertiary education.  Flexo at Consumerism Commentary has also a post on this.

This is first class advice for me. I have 3 children waiting in line, whose college education would probably be our family’s biggest expense in the horizon. Luckily I now have time to plan and plot. We missed out for the elder girls and in April 08, we shall finish payment for their studies…Phew! This has been an expensive oversight. 

JD at Get Rich Slowly shared some excerpts of personal finance advice from a 1943 literature classic. I found myself immediately transported mentally to the setting and could feel the words of wisdom etching a permanent place in my mind. 

It’s truly priceless and timeless advice. Excellent post! 

A very informative and healthy exchange of views took place on Moolanomy and Gather Little by Little on P2P lending. This P2P thing is a tool, much like credit cards and fire. We can use them carefully for good or get burnt if we use them unwisely. On the other hand, some tools may do more good by just not being easily available.  

Hop over and read them to help you make up your own mind, if you are thinking of particpating in what seems to be growing phenomenon.

Ms. SVB wrote an interesting story on some serious savers who died wealthy. It is really heartening that many of them lived so frugally but were magnanimous enough to leave their fortunes to charity.

I liked this piece by Ron at the Wisdom Journal. He has proclaimed that most successful people are FAT!. As I hope to be successful and probably would not be classified as fat, I had to read the post to find out more. And ended up a convert.   

The 143rd Edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance was most ably hosted by Quest for Four Pillars. As the blog is based in Canada, QFP has used a Canadian theme.  The Carnival has attracted lots of great posts, and QFP must have had a really tough time picking his 7 favorites.

The undisputed star of this Carnival is Tivo, a cute dog, who besides being her owner’s best friend, is also giving her financial lessons.  Hop over and go through the posts. You won’t regret the visit! 

Meanwhile, Liz, the housekeeper of This Full House was the gracious and elegant host of the Carnival of Family Life.  She has a good number of great posts on family issues from Education, Relationships and Self-Improvement, Family Finance, Parenting Tips and Advice and even Family Humor. This Carnival should be a “must read” for all parents and also for kids who want to manage and understand their parents.  

Well, this is all for this week. Best regards and have a great and enjoyable weekend.

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6 Comments for “Round up for week ending 13 March 08”

On March 13, 2008
At 7:10 pm

Thanks for the link!


On March 13, 2008
At 7:54 pm

Thanks for the mention. I hope you and your children are always FAT FAT FAT!
Congratulations on the guest post, btw :D
Thanks for linking!


On March 13, 2008
At 8:10 pm


You knew I would!…Hehe…I am a faithful follower of QFP.

@ Ron,

Thank you for your wishes on my family’s optimum weight. We certainly intend to be FAT.

On March 13, 2008
At 9:01 pm

Tivo thanks you so much for your kind comments. :)

by Liz
On March 13, 2008
At 9:10 pm

The Carnival of Family Life is also a great way to meet new like-minded bloggers, like you.

Thanks for the mention; I’ll be back!

On March 13, 2008
At 9:50 pm


Please tell Tivo the pleasure was all mine.


You are welcome. I hope we’ll meet again often at the Carnival. Take care.

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