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Round Up for week ending 15th May 08

Thursday May 15th, 2008 by fathersez

I have taken a short break from blogging this week. Other than the first post for the week on the progress of our family’s goat farm, I have just taken it easy. 

For my round up this week, I’ll just focus on the two Carnivals I participated in.  

First the Carnival of Family Life.

It was ably hosted by Karen at WritefromKaren, a technical writer and a mother of two teenage sons. More than 70 articles were presented at this Carnival.

I particularly enjoyed the following messages.  

Slow Down Fast’s “What can your kids teach you about technology?”  This appears to be the first time/generation in human history where parents have to learn from their kids. I know that my wife and I do.     

BeThisWay asks “Do I have to pay to appreciate them?” Referring to a problem faced by many parents with young school going children - notes from the school asking parents to pay for Teacher’s Appreciation Day or Week or whatever function the school comes up with. I also think this is being carried a little too far, placing subtle pressure on the kids to cajole their parents to contribute cash.  I think all of us parents should just put their foot down and go back to the days of a children prepared card or poem or something along these lines. This would reflect far better appreciation from the children.   

And this card should qualify for one of the best Mother’s Day gifts ever!  

We are reminded that what we, as parents, say to our kids are a very big influence into what our children will become later in life. During the formative years, children’s primary source of information, knowledge and everything that they can learn are their parents. Hence we should pick our words and phrases carefully. Seven common phrases that most parents use and their corresponding alternatives are presented. Check out the post yourself.  

Meanwhile the Carnival of Personal Finance was hosted by Money Under Thirty.   

As usual there were lots and lots of articles presented and MU30 must have had a hard time choosing his Editor Picks. I think he did a great job. 

Posts which I found interesting include:  

Paid Twice, the mom with a Ph.D and a black belt to boot tells us how to fight the bad habit of buying on impulse. By doing so, she has done all of us a great favour. (I suspect, the supermarket chains would probably want her locked away.)    

ShuChong talks about the financial lessons learnt from her mother. Though her mom never talked about money, her running of their household made for great lessons in financial management.  

Feminist Finance writes about her utter shock when she found out that the love of her life had debt levels that almost made her faint. And this was when they were planning to set dates for their marriage and as she says, grow old and doddering together. 

Well, she laid down the law and it worked out well for them.

I think she did the absolutely right thing. Her reaction and the plan of action she took should be mandatory for anyone of us who are in the same boat and contemplating even engagement.  

Pinyo gives an excellent overview of getting ourselves into better financial health. This roadmap will work only after recognizing and accepting that we need to better ourselves. As he says, self awareness is the first and most important first step.  

The Glbl guy offers his suggestions on how to survive a recession. I think this topic is one of the more popular google search phrases and for very good reason. Government statisticians are not rated No:1 in telling it as it is, and it may do all of us a lot of good to bone up and start putting into practice the steps as suggested in this informative post. 

Deepali says that wealth is a state of mind, a concept that I am beginning to understand and appreciate. I quote her here:

“Wealth is not just about my financial assets, but it’s also about my quality of life… and that of those in my global community. It’s also about my state of mind. A man with little means can be wealthy if he believes himself to be - if he’s happy with his lot in life instead of being resentful of those things he doesn’t have.

But wealth is also about opportunity. A man who has cut himself off from growth is not wealthy. But a man who can dream of other possibilities has infinite room to expand and explore. He can enrich his life and the lives of those around him. Wealth is not just in the current, it’s also in the potential.”

Well said, don’t you think!

This is it for the week, folks. Have a great, happy and productive weekend.

Whilst we pray that the birds will sing, the flowers bloom and the sun shine for all of us, let’s take a couple of minutes to reflect upon the suffering of the people of Myanmar and now China due to the devastating recent natural disasters. And where we can, let’s do our part to help! 

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