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Round up for week ending 16th February 08

Saturday February 16th, 2008 by fathersez

The week started off in a great fashion.  

The Art of Manliness, a really interesting blog “dedicated to uncovering the lost art of being a man”, highlighted my post on what should I tell my children on choosing a spouse, and this drove in a nice stream of traffic.  

Thanks again, Brett.  

Some of the posts from the blogs that made me sit up are listed below. 

Get Rich Slowly’s conversation with one of his readers which gave birth to the question on what motivates people to pursue smart personal finance. For people who are already shouldering heavy debt loads and become slaves to servicing these debts, maybe the source is clear. It would be pain. 

What are the identifying factors that give equal or stronger doses of continual motivation to those starting off in life now?  This is what I am searching for, as my daughters approach the day they would start their own financial and life footings. 

The Simple Dollar listed 9 simple ways to stand out in our careers. Well, I am guilty of not having managed my career well, but this advice will stand in good stead for my children.  

I could not help smiling as I was reading this. I Have Paid for this Twice Already had an accounting dilemma on her hands. She was sure she owed somebody $800 for her car repairs and everyone seemed to say, “Nope! You don’t.” Luckily it did not escalate into an ethical dilemma, and it has now been finally resolved. 

My Dollar Plan has neatly analyzed her time to see if her work/life balance is what she would like it to be. Her pie charts gave me quite a jolt.  She has (whilst juggling 89 credit cards et al) managed to devote an astounding 33% of her time for the children. This is truly incredible. Even when she starts going back to work, it would still be a remarkable 22%. Well done, Madison.  

I have to look harder at some of my time wasters and see how I can squeeze more time for the children and the family.

The Carnival of Personal Finance – the Valentine Edition was hosted by My Dollar Plan. Though I did not participate in this Carnival, there are lots of useful and interesting articles listed.    

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