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Round up for week ending 18 April 08

Friday April 18th, 2008 by fathersez

It has been a nice easy week. Blogging took a back seat. Though I kept up with the “Reader”, I did not do any posts.  I could really get used to this!

Meanwhile here are some of the more interesting stuff I ran into this week. 

Get Rich Slowly had a post on an “el cheapo” way to exterminate ants. I must try this method. We, too, have an ant problem. Malaysians are peculiar in welcoming certain type of ants. My wife would say, “Hey, look at this row of black ants. We are in for a windfall”, or stuff like that. 

Lately we have been having an invasion of those tiny red ants. We have been told that the heavy rains are driving them out of their homes, and they are a real pain when they sting. (Judging by the comments, it looks like lots of people have ant problems.)

I am not sure of our hardware shops carry the product JD swears by, i.e. Terro, but his advice is worth checking out. Thanks, JD. 

FMF has a thought provoking question. “What is the best way to make more money?” FMF has also displayed for us his thought process in choosing the option he wanted.  This is a question I have asked myself late last year and have decided on an answer.

It may be useful for all of us to ask ourselves this question regularly as we work on crafting our goals. 

The Million Dollar Journey chronicled the story of his childhood friend who had a passion for restaurants and was just about to launch one. His friend had also started a blog on his journey into restauranting. (Is there such a word?) 

I have a good friend who talks about his dreams in the food business. Though he is clearly passionate about the business, he has yet to make any start. Maybe the Restaurant Blog will be just the thing the doctor ordered. 

Flexo at the Consumerism Commentary asks us whether we are missing out on life by being frugal. This dilemma has lately played out in my life a little and another is also looming ahead. When my mother passed away, I just used my credit card and charged the air tickets. No looking for cheaper fares etc. The handphone bills for last month have also hit the roof due to the almost every 15 minute calls I was getting from my brothers on my location during the longer than expected bus journey. All at international roaming rates.  

I am just grateful that I could afford not having to worry about the expenses too much at this unfortunate time.  

Now we are facing my eldest girl’s graduation. Though this will be in an UK University, it is a once in a lifetime event for her and no way am I going to let this pass, frugal or no frugal. At the very least, her mother will attend this event.  

This is all for this week.

Cheers and have a great weekend, folks     


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2 Comments for “Round up for week ending 18 April 08”

by Flexo
On April 18, 2008
At 9:00 pm

Hi fathersez… thanks for the mention!

On April 18, 2008
At 9:01 pm

Father Sez, Thank you for linking to my blog. I hope my stories and experiences in the restaurant industry are of interest to your friend. My advice is if you are passionate and this is your dream, go for it. The key is to start small and grow big. I have seen so many failed restaurants starting out too big and expanding too fast. Stay tuned for more stories. Thanks again.

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