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Round Up for week ending 1st May 08

Posted By fathersez On May 1, 2008 @ 6:28 pm In Round Ups

Labour Day, the one day of the year which offers a little recognition to us poor working stiffs. A very happy Labour Day to all my fellow workers. 

Last week I participated in my two favorite Carnivals. 

[1] Jen who writes as the Diary of 1 hosted the Carnival of Family Life. This former educator now homeschools her children and writes about homeschooling, faith and family. She has done a really elegant and tasteful theme weaving interesting facts about tea into the Carnival proper.  

This Carnival, as always, has tons of interesting stuff about ….like it says, Family Life. Family life is important to me as, I am sure, to many others. Don’t forget to check out the Carnival. 

Meanwhile, it looks like [2] Lazy Man of Lazyman and Money had to burn the midnight oil to get the picture perfect 150th [3] Carnival of Personal Finance up as scheduled.  

Having to go through the more than 100 posts, choose his Editor Picks (He has given 5 entries this coveted honour) and dealing with an outage from his ISP at the same time, seems to have blown his cover. I don’t think he is lazy at all; otherwise this Carnival would not have made it!  

I have always said that if people feel they have only time to read very few pf blogs, then this Carnival should be it. 

Other blog posts I found noteworthy are: 

American Small Business News talks about the [4] importance of insurance for partners of small businesses. We are considering just this. We, the four shareholders of a small telecommunication contracting company, have requested for a proposal from an insurance consultant on this kind of insurance. Within the next month or so, we hope to apply this insurance to provide for protection for our families in any unfortunate event. 

The Digerati Life has some [5] words of wisdom for those wanting to go on their own. I cannot truthfully say “check” to all the points made in the post. I still have a little ways to go before I can join Ms. SVB and all the others who have taken the leap. But make the leap, I am determined to do.  

Jonathan at MyMoneyBlog lists out his [6] extensive research on how to get a mortgage in this 2 parter. Someone should have beaten me over the head with this before I ended up with the costly mortgage I am now in the process of unwinding. 

Ana gives some great [7] pointers on how to pay for college. My wife and I have just finished paying for our eldest 2 girls’ college education. The younger 3 are still in school, and rest assured, we’ll put Ana’s and [8] Madison’s advice to good use when the time comes.  

What’s happening? Another blogger has called it quits. [9] The Iowahippiechick has announced that she would be focusing her energies in a different direction and has said her goodbyes. I, for one, shall certainly miss her.  

For all those outdoors people and latent Robinson Crusoe’s, the Art of Manliness has posted the perfect article detailing [10] 9 ways to start a fire without matches. I did not even know there were so many ways! There is even a way to make fire from ice! Interesting. 

The lady, Squawkfox, writes about the [11] 10 things you must carry in your purse. The list makes great sense. I must caution that in a number of cases, it looks like it is the dregs of society who are the first to turn up in the event of any accident. And the thing foremost in their minds is to steal whatever they can. 

My friend lost his laptop, and there have been many reported cases of necklaces, watches, wallets, hand phones et al being stolen. 

That’s all folks for this week. Have a great, happy and productive weekend. 

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