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Round up for week ending 23 February 08

Saturday February 23rd, 2008 by fathersez

This week has been a hectic one. The design of the blog has been changed and now shifted to our new site. Hope you like the new design.

For news from elsewhere in the blogosphere:- 

The Carnival of Personal Finance was hosted by the Financial Blogger.  Tastefully interspersing cool pictures of Prison Break, the FB did a great job hosting. Pop over and see for yourself. The Carnival offers a great opportunity to get a great variety of useful articles all at one place. 

Two particular posts that struck a chord with me were : -        

The Digerati Life’s thought provoking “What price are we paying to have it all”. SVB makes the statement that she does not believe that we can have a life that just constantly expands to accommodate anything that we bring into it. 

I agree with her completely. There are only 24 hours in a day.As more and more responsibilities are piled into these 24 hours, something has to give. And when we explore this honestly, we’ll find that we end up giving up the really important things…like exercise, time with the kids, time alone etc. What we take on and what we give up have to carefully balanced.  

The Honest Dollar’s equally thought provoking post, the Parent Trap on the saga of adult children still expecting and getting financial assistance from their parents.  She has laid down in plain words a really telling statement 

What About Paying Yourself First?

I don’t have kids, so I suppose I can’t yet fully understand the lengths to which parents will go to help their children succeed.  But I buy the conventional logic that a child can get loans for school, for a car, for a house - a parent cannot get a loan for retirement.”

Sound advice indeed for both the parents and the adult children. I hope this situation does not arise in our family.

From the other blogs that I follow: 

Millionaire Mommy in the Making is mulling over making her first investment property purchase. The +’s of property investment are many, and so are the –‘s. It will be good to get ourselves well and truly educated before we launch. At least we should be able to mitigate the mistakes.   

Money Myths reminds us that we should be in control of our money, not the other way around. I agree completely with this statement, as money just like fire can be a great servant, but a terrible master.  

The Simple Dollar reminds us that we should invest in ourselves and one of his best ever investment in time and money was to exercise. He also gives some tips to those of us who have yet to start. 

The Frugal Duchess had once of those “work” or “family” decisions to make. And she planned well to make the right decision, without compromising her work commitments. All of us working parents go through this dilemma frequently. Let’s hope that all of us make the right choices all the time.  

I got introduced to a great Malaysian blog, Saif Improvement, through a link from my friend Azrina.

Thanks a lot, Rina. 

Saiful has a really vibrant and cool blog with very useful and motivational articles. Do check him out.  

In line with her moniker Dollar Frugal, Brooke’s frugality clearly covers only the Dollars. In terms of sharing of knowledge and helping others, she overflows with generosity. I asked and she freely emailed me a copy of her insanely massive blogroll, which I am using to add further to my blogroll. Am still working on it. 

Thanks again, Brooke.  

That’s it for this week. Have a great and productive week ahead.  

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5 Comments for “Round up for week ending 23 February 08”

by SaiF
On February 23, 2008
At 7:51 pm

Hi Father Sez!

Thank you for the mention!! Very honoured to be featured in that one line haha.. Btw, I’m not Malaysian, I’m Singaporean!

And to everyone out there, my mission is to help get the youths of the world get to where they want to be. Big task I know, but I believe I’ll be able to, one step at a time.

Starting with this Vblog. I understand this is blog read by parents? Maybe you could tell your children about it ;)


P.S. Father Sez, seems like I’ll be checking a lot here for financial management =)

On February 23, 2008
At 10:28 pm

Hi, Saif,

Sorry for the mistake on the nationality. BTW, my wife was Singaporean before she “switched camps”.

I certainly hope my children will read your blog. They are now aware of your blog.

On FM, I would like to suggest that you check in here for what not to do….hehe. And you’ll always be welcome.

On February 26, 2008
At 12:04 pm

Thanks for the link! Take care.

by Fara
On February 26, 2008
At 4:22 pm

Congratulations on your new site! It looks refreshingly cool and neat. Thanks for the add in your blogroll as well.

Last week has been as hectic week for me learning up and making sure my first investment property is not something I would regret later. Thanks for the heads up. Hopefully, I’ll have something coming in to my pocket from it, and if I don’t, hopefully it won’t be too hard of a lesson to learn.

On February 26, 2008
At 4:40 pm



Thanks for your kind wishes. All the best in your property investment quest.

Best regards

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