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Round up for week ending 24 April 08

Thursday April 24th, 2008 by fathersez

This week I did not participate in any Carnival. I really must get back into the groove.

Meanwhile these are the posts that piqued my mind this last week.  

Being Frugal wrote an inspiring post on the importance of tenacity and having a good coach when we work to achieve our dreams. She used her apparently not so athletic daughter’s participation in football as an example. Liz (against her mother’s expectations) is now in her 6th season and seems to be thoroughly enjoying the game. 

Perhaps her mother’s encouragement also had a sizeable role to play in this? 

RocketC writes about his progress on a land contract for the house he has in Wisconsin. The deal fell through due to disagreements on purchase price. RocketC displays some numbers for us to suggest whether he was right in letting the potential buyer walk. I have no idea about the Wisconsin property market so I can’t be of much help.

However, we have just sold our house and the final tipping point was when we became a little more realistic about prices.  

I enjoyed Emily’s piece on achieving financial health being more of a journey rather than a series of targets to hit. I have been following this school of thought as far as my overall financial standing is concerned.  I admit there are tons of positives in making specific targets, like reducing debt by this amount by this time, spending within this limit etc.

Some of these kind of goals, I do make. But I have yet to make that specific all encompassing mother of all pf goals….”My passive income must be more than my expenses every month which is ……., by the — day of —-, 20??.” Maybe I should. 

Ron over at the Wisdom Journal has posted on how to live debt free. Reading the article, I would think that following Ron’s advice should ensure that we survive almost every contingency, including a financial tsunami.  

Rich at the Business Opportunities Weblog showcases a great business idea. BookMooch.com is a book exchange site which gives points to givers of books and allows the points to be used to get other books. Ideas like this forces one to think of parallel possibilities, perhaps with other products or maybe other countries. (BookMooch does allow for international transactions.) 

Rich is providing a sterling service by ferreting out all these kind of ideas and posting them for all of us. He also posts about marketing, service and other operational issues.  His blog should be a must read for all intending, budding and established entrepreneurs.  

Steve had taken the bold step of becoming a professional blogger.  I have been an avid follower of his blog for quite some time now and thoroughly enjoy his writing. Steve has always struck me as a man with independence right up there in his list of wants. He also appears to me as a meticulous planner and I have no doubt he will be a success. 

Rina over at Azrinaaznan.com, a fellow Malaysian blogger, is reviewing all her options now that she has completed Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover. She appears to be doing a “zero base” plan and tells us that we should not be too shocked should she decide to eliminate blogging.   I have always found Rina’s chirpiness and enthusiasm infectious and hope that she works out her dream plan. And I certainly hope that she’ll continue blogging.

This is all for the week, guys. Have a great and very happy weekend!


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3 Comments for “Round up for week ending 24 April 08”

On April 25, 2008
At 12:15 am

Rich is providing a sterling service by ferreting out all these kind of ideas and posting them for all of us. He also posts about marketing, service and other operational issues. His blog should be a must read for all intending, budding and established entrepreneurs.

Thanks for your kind words about our blog! We really try hard to be a resource for ideas and inspirations.

by Emily
On April 25, 2008
At 3:55 am

Thanks for the mention!! Of course, it can be healthy to set goals (I do this myself for motivation) but I think it’s also very important just to focus on the overall lifestyle of it rather than racing to a marker and then thinking one’s work is done.

On April 28, 2008
At 9:36 am

Thanks so much! Every comment I get really encourages me, so thanks, thanks, thanks! I know I’ll go back to contracting at some point this summer but I’m going to try as hard as I can to make a go of problogging in the meantime! — Steve

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