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Round up for week ending 28 February 08

Thursday February 28th, 2008 by fathersez

I used to do my round up posts on Saturday evenings. This is now being changed to Thursday evenings.  

The Carnival of Personal Finance was hosted by Broke Grad Student. A certainly gracious and stylish host, BGS included my post which questioned whether windfalls could change people’s lives. 

From elsewhere in the blogosphere, the following posts caught my fancy. 

Mrs. Micah reminds us that though our journey to debt reduction may have stoplights, detours, slow drivers and even construction blockades, we should stay the course. We should keep on reminding ourselves that we are on the road that gets us to where we want to go. 

I completely agree with her. I motivate myself by reminding myself of an aircraft carrier making an “U” turn.  

Trent at the Simple Dollar announced his decision to quit his full time job. He has outlined his reasons why he wants to quit and how he has prepared himself for this paradigm shift. 

I am truly inspired by posts like this. Though I do not feel that I am in a position yet to make this really significant move, the pull factor is strong. I am grateful that Trent, who is clearly a polished wordsmith, has eloquently written about the preparatory work he has put in, before making the big decision.  

Almost as if on cue, another favorite blogger of mine, Ms. SVB of Digerati Life has announced that she, too, is leaving her job to pursue her dreams. She has previously written about her plans for her future plans as well as the steps she has and is taking to prepare herself for this move.  

To both Trent and Ms. SVB, I offer my heartiest congratulations and best wishes. This is the stuff we read about in books, except that this time it’s from real life people that I feel I almost know.   

The Glbl guy puts a 15 month period of pain to rest. He tells us about the sad times of November 06, when he had to pawn off some of his wife’s jewelry and by mistake, an item of tremendous sentimental value had been pawned off….the engagement ring he bought for his wife with his entire savings as a college student. Happily he has now bought for his wife a new ring. 

And the Glbl guy has also managed to weave a useful section on buying from Amazon.com into this touching story.

I am so happy for him. Pop over and read the full story here. 

Moolanomy writes about the systematic process he went through in assessing how much insurance he needed. This post will help a lot of us who are not sure if we are adequately insured and are, for any number of reasons, reluctant to seek an insurance agent or company to find out. 

Free Money Finance wrote about the merits of paying children an allowance for them to read a book and then explaining it to their parents.  I have to respectfully disagree with this idea. We have a system in place for the kids to improve their command of the English language, where the kids write a couple of pages a week from an English book and then read it out to me.  

I have on occasion had to cajole them into writing, especially the youngest girl, but I never considered offering any rewards. Instead, I would like to instill the idea of the children doing additional work / chores at home for money. 

This is all for the week. Have a great weekend, folks!   

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5 Comments for “Round up for week ending 28 February 08”

On February 28, 2008
At 9:33 pm

My parents didn’t pay us either for school or self-improvement. We had a required set of chores too and a small allowance that wasn’t tied to them. And we could make more money at certain times by doing stuff like big cleaning projects, leaf raking, but not lawn mowing.

by Pinyo
On February 28, 2008
At 10:32 pm

Thank you for mentioning the insurance series. I am upto part 3 now. I originally thought to stop there, but I think I will do a part 4 next weeks to reevaluate coverage requirement because my interview with the agent was very brief and not as precise as I would like it to be.

On February 29, 2008
At 10:47 am

@Mrs. M,

I share your view. I suspect FMF may receive a number of comments from people who may be thinking along our lines.


You are welcome. Your post is very educational and deserves being spread around to others.

by Glblguy
On February 29, 2008
At 10:49 pm

Thanks for mentioning my article! UPS just called, the ring arrives today. I’ll be writing a follow-up next week on the ring and if it meets expectations!

Have a great weekend!

On February 29, 2008
At 11:53 pm

Hi, Glbl guy,

You are most welcome. You have great writing skills. Your article almost made me feel the excitement. And I am sure the ring will be all that your wife and you have wished for.

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