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Round up for week ending 30th May 08

Posted By fathersez On May 29, 2008 @ 7:28 pm In Round Ups

Hello. The week is coming to an end…for me anyway. There is still the full reader box to clear. In the meantime:

Posts I found interesting from those I managed to read include: 

The Glbl guy reminds us that [1] we should surround ourselves with constant reminders of our goals.  These reminders are a tool to help us stay focused and stay on the path to reaching our goals and dreams a little sooner. I am a total believer of this theory. I have reminders on my laptop screen and my handphone, not forgetting my daily lists.  

And Ririan from Romania gives his suggestions on [2] how to create effective to-do lists. 

Feeling ripped off (even if the feeling is misplaced) in anyway is painful and not pleasant at all. I hate it even more when I feel that the vendor is devious.  I signed up to purchase an E book on goats, (goes to show how powerful sales letters can be, as I am sure most if not all of the material in the book probably came from the free pamphlets distributed by our Department of Veterinary Services.) Anyway, I felt pissed, when I was asked to submit too much personal particulars AFTER payment was made. 

It looks like I am not alone. [3] Read about what made Naomi feeling pissed. 

I enjoyed this post about [4] how to fly the national flag. Our politicians started a program a few years ago to instil some patriotism and everyone was encouraged to fly flags. We had cars, buses and lorries flying flags. Needless to say, after a while you could see quite a number of really dirty looking soot / smoke encrusted and even torn flags flying all over the place.

I used to feel ashamed and often wondered how a foreigner would have judged us. Our TV stations should have carried Brett and Kate’s post repeatedly.     

I also thoroughly enjoyed this post [5] comparing bloggers with pawns on a chess board. I think these observations will work in a lot of other situations too.  

Who can resist not reading a post with a title that goes…..[6] ”The most important piece of career advice you probably never heard”? The title turned out to be true, I had never heard this piece of advice before. And you know what, it does make a lot of sense.   

I participated in the [7] Carnival of Family Life which was hosted as a Memorial Day Carnival by one of my favourite family sites, Colloquium!. (I must learn to spell this word correctly, since I am going to use it often.) 

Well, that’s all for the week, people. Go on and have a great, productive and jolly happy weekend.  

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