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Round Up for week ending 8th May 08

Thursday May 8th, 2008 by fathersez

There are still lots of posts lying in my RSS reader. I don’t intend to use the “mark as read” button, and hope to clear them later this week. In the meantime, posts I found interesting include: 

Ben of Money Smart Life makes an emphasis on “time” being the secret of investing success. This has been said by so many people, start early, wait patiently etc.  Yet, I wonder, if there is some secret system that requires most people must make their mistakes and then shout out loud to all who listen that they should start early. 

At least that is what I am doing (shouting, I mean), and hope my children will listen.  

The Baglady has had 3 jobs in 3 years and declares she’s not afraid of being labeled as a job hopper. Recruiting new people is a burden and an expense for employers and they value stability in employee tenure. I know I would.  

Momma has finally spilled the beans on the project she has been keeping secret from all of us. She is launching herself into Household Finance Coaching, her passion. Her experience in raising a family with 6 children will sure come in handy, not forgetting the countless hours she’s spent in devouring almost every single article on finance she’s been able to get her hands on. 

I can feel her enthusiasm and commitment oozing from her post and I’ll join her family and friends and cheer her on!  

Darren has made me think deeply after I read his posting of a quote by a poet. “Do not follow where the path leads, rather go where there is no path, and leave a trail.” 

It’s so true that we usually end up following the paths of others. It’s less risky and the outcome can be better predicted. What if I set my own path, throw aside all the advice I have been reading, and just do what my heart says is right. The risk taken might be enormous, but then so may be the rewards.

Should I? Would you? Food for thought isn’t it.

I participated in the Carnival of Personal Finance which was hosted by Alpha Consumer and the Carnival of Family Life hosted by All Rileyed Up.                

This is it for the week, guys. Have a great, happy and productive weekend.

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