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Roundup for week ending 9th February 08

Saturday February 9th, 2008 by fathersez

This week has been a little hectic with considerable travelling. I have also not participated in Carnivals for some time. I really should get my act back together.

I must thank FMF for making mention of my blog in his weekly roundup.  

On the positive note, I have finally managed to “google reader - ize” most of the blogs that I follow. Using my previous bookmark and read, which was “upgraded” to email was quite time consuming. Now it is a lot more manageable.

Some of the posts that I found interesting this past week are listed below.

- The Digerati Life’s take on teaching our children how to handle debt and credit.  This guest post by Tisha Kulak will come in real handy for the compilation I am doing for pf lessons that my children should grasp and understand.

- The outstanding “How to manual” for pf management applicable all ages, bringing together the knowledge and experience of 17 pf bloggers whose work I enjoy and respect. 

- RocketC talks about heading in the right direction in reducing his deficits after starting his budget. I know exactly what and how he feels. My wife and I have also just started on this journey after a long, long time of ignorant bliss.

- Wise Bread wrote about getting free lectures from renowned Universities, like MIT and Yale, even though it does not come with any credits. My eldest daughter who is doing psychology may find this tidbit of information very useful.

- Lynnae’s declaration on behalf of all ladies to those of us clueless husbands (self included) on the 7 things that women want us to understand about money. Man, this makes a lot of sense - after seeing it in writing.

Here’s to a great and productive week ahead! 


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2 Comments for “Roundup for week ending 9th February 08”

by rocketc
On February 11, 2008
At 11:58 am

Thanks for the link!

On February 12, 2008
At 11:43 am

[…] must really thank Fathersez for providing the link to a very well written article on the above topic by Lynnae of […]

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