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Seeking bargains for everything – movies

Wednesday December 10th, 2008 by fathersez


Bond in his latest outing. A lot of shooting and killing. I went to see this movie alone. 


We loved this movie about the scientist’s assistant who finally achieves his dreams of inventing the most diabolical invention ever. And then finding out that it is better to be a little good than being the best bad. Or something like that.

I remember getting the shock of my life when my wife, the 2 elder girls and I went to see a movie in Perth, Australia way back when we took our first overseas trip as a family. I could not believe my ears when the girl at the counter asked me for what I considered a fortune just to see a movie.  

Movies in Malaysia were cheap those days before the invasion by video cassettes, CD’s, DVD’s, internet downloads and cable TV. There were plenty of theatres all over town, some quite dingy looking. There were also matinee shows which were even cheaper.

These movie theatres died off and a new breed, the so called Cineplexes took their place. More upmarket, much smaller and grouped together, they offered a different kind of experience. And they came with a higher price for the tickets. 

We have a Cineplex not too far from our house where my two younger girls and I see movies once in a while. I did grumble (though only to myself actually, since the requests from the girls were not really that frequent) but the girls enjoy the movies and it’s a really great feeling to see your kids enjoying themselves. 

Until I mentioned this to my frugal but well living friend, KC Lim. He told me that I could get to see the movies at cheaper prices on Wednesdays. Like my eldest girl says, Duh! The same movie, the same Cineplex, the same experience, but at a 33% cheaper cost. 

It seems that Wednesday is the “cheap” day. This information is available at the Cineplex’s website, but who checks?

So I saw the Bond movie “Quantum of Solace” a couple of Wednesdays ago and last Wednesday, Nana, Ain and I saw “Igor”.  

Hmm, wonder what other bargains are out there and not being used by me yet?

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