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Should parents ask their friends to employ their children?

Sunday December 23rd, 2007 by fathersez

This will be a question that my wife and I will be asking ourselves quite soon. 

Our two elder girls should be graduating next May, and will be looking to join the rat race. 

We have friends who run businesses or are senior level executives in some of the bigger companies in town.  

Should we let our children go through the process of writing a proper resume, apply for jobs, practice selling themselves at the interview and find their first job by themselves?  

Or as parents, should we lend a “helping hand”? 

My wife and I have decided that our helping hand will be limited to helping the children pick up (in necessary, through additional formal education) non academic skills that may assist them in their careers. 

After that, Along and Aja have to do their best to sort themselves out. 

My wife and I, believe that in asking a “friend” to employ our children, we may in some way, compromise our relationships. Our friends, just like any other employer, would have to screen all applicants and chose whom they think are best suited. 

My wife and I just have to focus on guiding and preparing our children as best as we can, so that they fall within the “best suited” or at least “better suited” category

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3 Comments for “Should parents ask their friends to employ their children?”

On December 25, 2007
At 9:05 am

Absolutely share your network with your children! The romantic notion we have that says “It’s what you know that matters.” In reality, however, “It’s not what you know but who you know” more closely resembles the world we live in. It isn’t enabling by helping your children, or your friends for that matter, to leverage your network to further themselves. Enabling would involve giving them a job without any effort on their parts.

by ylfoo
On December 25, 2007
At 11:20 am

I happen to chance upon this post. Interesting post to ponder even I am not a parent myself but I am graduating in next May too.

As a child, help from parents is always appreciated. However if it comes a cost such as compromise in relationship, it must be reconsidered.

Afterall I believe the children are sensible enough to know the limits on how much assistances the parents can offer.

Anyway good luck in the future of your children’s studies and future!

by fathersez
On December 25, 2007
At 8:35 pm

@David, thanks for your views. Actually the emotional part of my wife and my mind, agrees completely with you. We are thinking our way would be the “right” way.

I am happy to know/learn that sharing the network, so long as the children pull their weight, is not seen to be wrong.


Thank you very much for dropping by. It is not often that we can get the benefit of unbiased opinion from a person of my childrens’ age group. I truly appreciate it.

And thank you for the kind wishes.
And please visit, and comment often.

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