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Starting organized and keeping organized with our documentation.

Friday November 9th, 2007 by fathersez

My first job was that of an articled clerk with an audit firm. Man! Audit firms, have great filing systems. Their individual files are neatly cross-referenced, and it would be really tough not to be able to trace something. 

My eldest brother, who kept all my important documents whilst I was in school and university is another meticulous organizer. He kept all our family documents as well as others such as my old school certificates, school magazines, and even photographs taken ages and ages ago. 

I think this is where I got my stickiness for organizing and keeping organized all my documents. From the time I started working, opened my first bank account, etc., I have kept my records quite meticulously.  

Now that we are a family and the documentation is a lot more, we have graduated to a home filing cabinet. We have files for our children birth certificates, their school certificates, passports, medical tests reports….well, you get the picture. 

Keeping all our documents in an organized fashion is a great habit to cultivate.  

Whether it is a “shoe box” system, or a “big ring folder” system, it is great, so long it works for you. When the time comes for filing tax returns, updating or renewing insurances, applying for loans for our house or other purchases, having the required documentation handily and easily retrievable is a great help. 

Our two elder girls, now in their final year of university, have started their own folders. Their school certificates have been taken out of our system and given to them.  They have already gone through one exercise of having to retrieve their documents when they were being registered for University. 

We are sure they are well aware of the care and trouble, their mother and I take to keep important documents properly organized.   

We hope that this habit will be ingrained in them just as it was passed on to me from my brother.      

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One Comment for “Starting organized and keeping organized with our documentation.”

by mrchildren23
On October 7, 2008
At 9:31 am

The same thing applies to my family..but no filing cabinet..just a big luggage keeping all the folders =)

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