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Still feeling listless

Tuesday April 1st, 2008 by fathersez

It was with a vastly different feeling that I left for India last week.  

The trip was at very short notice, but my planning mechanism served me well. A quick scan of my weekly calendar showed only 2 “must do” things. These did not take long to settle.  

I informed my family, office, the agent who is handling the sale of my house and my partners in the Indonesian project. A little time was spent with my youngest daughter whose birthday fell on the 26th March, in case I did not make it back in time. Ain takes her birthdays a little more seriously than her elder brother and sisters and she had been dropping hints ever since her brother’s birthday on the 4th January. 

I talked to my second girl, Azah, with whom I was due to have discussions on her career choices. I gave her the research sources I had and asked her to go through them.  

With my wife’s consent, the opening of the farm which had been planned for the 5th April was postponed to a date to be set later.  

And I was all set to go. 

Now that I am back, the fire seems a little lower. Life seems to be a drag and I think it will be a little while before my life gets back into its normal routine.  

We went out for a small family dinner on Saturday to a Japanese restaurant. The place was the birthday girl, Ain’s choice.  Azah has gone through the resources I left her and now seems to have a good idea of the career options available to her. 

My eldest brother held a small prayer in his house on Sunday night in memory of my late mother. This was well attended by the many relatives we have in Malaysia.  

I went back to the office on Monday. I have yet to get back to the daily routine and am still feeling very listless. I am taking a few more days off to sort myself out.  

On blogging, I am trying to clear the reader that seems to be overflowing. Writing any sensible post seems too much of a task. I am just going to go with the flow and see where the rest of the week takes me. 

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One Comment for “Still feeling listless”

On April 1, 2008
At 11:29 pm

Sounds like a good move. Sometimes all you can do is take things slowly and ease into it.

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