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We just bought 5, yes 5 houses!

Friday, August 15th, 2008

I better qualify this statement before someone applies to be my apprentice thinking that I have just become the Donald. 

Yes, we did buy 5 houses, but not to rent out or to flip or to live in. Rather we bought these houses to cannibalize them.

The principal material of our goat shed is wood. For our first shed we bought wood from the timber guys and paid a fortune. Now, with petrol prices up 41%, cement and steel prices up and fertilizer prices up, the timber guys have also upped their prices. (I am not sure of the connection, but it’s a take it or leave it situation).

So we had to look for alternatives.  


An inside view of one of the houses.  


 A view from the outside.


Another view

There are thousands of wooden houses in Malaysia, some really magnificent, others run down. Some of these houses have been abandoned for years and are in states of complete disrepair. But they do have solid wooded planks and beams which can be salvaged. 

The trick is identifying the houses, finding and then getting the owner to agree to sell. And, of course, we don’t get the deeds to the house. Just the rights to all the material we can dismantle and cart away.  

We have now found 5 such houses. Whilst they look quite inhabitable, the wood can be put to good use. The 2nd goat shed is going to be almost twice the 1st shed’s size, so we can do with all the savings we can make. 

We have also found the team to dismantle the houses. The work should start next week and hopefully the wood can be safely transported to our farm within ten days after work starts.  

Let’s see how this project goes.       

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