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How my wife and I “frugalized” a sensitive item, telephone bills

Sunday, January 20th, 2008

I have earlier written about doing our family budget for the first time in our married life and our intention to work on paring the budget further. 

One item, telephone bills, was a bit of a bother. My wife and I have between us 3 cell phones, 1 landline, 1 fax line and an Internet connection. The monthly bill comes to a handsome sum. 

Can we do something to reduce this bill? 

My wife and I are quite, no, very, different in character. I am a numbers and logic person. Seeking order and organization in everything I do. I have one checklist for this and another checklist for that. (And usually end up check listing myself to a standstill). I would most probably be classified as “unfriendly” at almost every first meeting with anyone.  

My wife, on the other hand, is a people’s person. She is bubbly and has something nice to say about almost everyone she meets. She knows all the people we deal with in our lives - our grocer, the children’s teachers, the school principal, the school canteen operator, the local police station people, our doctor, the pharmacist, the bank tellers…….well, you get the idea.  

This is on top of her 12 uncles and aunts from her mother’s side and another 12 or 13 from her father’s side, and a serious busload of nephews, nieces, grand nephews and grand nieces.  

Then there are her former colleagues, my colleagues…. 

I shall not even try to complete this list. 

And in line with her people personality, her one weakness is the phone. Maybe weakness is too harsh a word; I should perhaps use “her one necessity”. 

We have had some arguments on the telephone bills. However, since the “budget day”, she is a lot more tolerant of my arguments on the need to cut down the bill. 

We have now realized (yes, I know, I am quite a peabrain) that the phone companies have various plans.  My wife and I have done some research on the plans available. Plans that would suit our requirements and help bring down the damages somewhat.  

As I may be traveling this week, my wife has agreed to drop by our phone company’s office and sign up for the new plan. 

This is indeed a very comforting sign of our financial alignment getting better.    

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