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People who have given me a helping hand - My primary school friends who gave me the gift of “loving to read”

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

I went to school without attending preschool. In fact, I did not know there was such a thing as preschool. Hence when I entered Standard One, I could not read or write a word of English.

The first year was quite miserable. My father could not afford any tuition for me, and I just made do. Slowly I started understanding words and learnt to spell. By the end of Standard Two, I could read and write English reasonably.

My classmates in school, WYK, AL and OHT came from better backgrounds and their parents bought them story books. And WYK, AL and OHT were very generous in lending me their books to read.

And, boy, did I read. I loved the stories and read them voraciously. I think even in these early years, I started speed reading just because I had to return the books the next day.


Let us not forget those who have given us a helping hand

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

ist2_2925174_helping_hand.jpgThere are many kinds of “helping hands”. 

There are hands that help us in a time of dire need, there are hands that just give us a break and there are hands that show us the way.  In our lives, there must have been many instances of us having been given helping hands.  

It could have been our teacher in school, who went out of her way and patiently taught us something that we just could not get the hang of. 

It could have been our boss who, based on his judgment, promoted us to a job that we had no experience in. The lucky break many talk about. 

It could have been some community program like this which gave a helping hand to Miguel Santos. 

It could have been a sibling, who sacrificed his or her wants or even needs to ensure that our needs were met.  

It could have been great neighbors, as Karma Calling points out. It could have been something seemingly inconsequential at that time, but the influence of which we still feel today. 

We may now have gone our respective separate ways and may have even forgotten about the particular helping hand. But some events may trigger off a memory, and we can’t help feeling a glow of gratitude. 

These days I find myself thinking a lot about the people who in one way or another helped shape my life to be what it is now. Many of whom, I did not even thank properly. 

This blog now gives me an opportunity to pay them tribute. Of course, I don’t expect most of them to be reading this blog, but at least my conscience will be a lot better. 

What about you? Have you thought about those who have given you a helping hand?  

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