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Applying 5 S Methodology, the cornerstone of Japanese lean manufacturing strength in our daily lives – The Final Part

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008


A 5S poster hanging in our goat farm. (We have 6 of these all over the farm). We got the posters from the Malaysian National Productivity Corporation, a Malaysian Government body first set up with the help of the UN and which lists amongst its objectives ”the promotion and dissemination of productivity related information and issues”.

Note that the poster is in Bahasa Malaysia, and the MPC has also used suitable words to maintain the 5S acronym.  

Continuing our series on 5 “S”….. as consistent practice and application of the Japanese “5 S” Methodology helps to form a strong foundation for our journey into continuous incremental improvements in our workplace, homes and lives.   Seiri – the first “S” 

Seiton – the second “S” 

Seiso – the third “S” and the fourth “S”, i.e. Seiketsu. 

The fifth and final “S” in the chain is:


“Shitsuke, means ‘Discipline.’ It denotes commitment to maintain orderliness and to practice the first 4 S as a way of life.  The emphasis of shitsuke is elimination of bad habits and constant practice of good ones.  Once true shitsuke is achieved, personnel voluntarily observe cleanliness and orderliness at all times, without having to be reminded by management.”

Once the 4 S are ingrained in us, the 5th “S” calls for us to make a commitment, implement the rules and make the practice of 5 S an ingrained habit.

Probably many of us are actually practicing the tenets of 5 S, based on what we have seen elsewhere, without actually realising. Some simple examples of 5 S in daily life are given by Dr. Chao-Hsien Chu of  Pennsylvania State University, USA. 

We have instituted the practice of 5 S in our goat farm. I am confident that consistent application and practice of these simple words of wisdom can only be of benefit to us.


A place for every broom and a broom for every place. 

Photo Credits: Zai, my partner at the goat farm

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