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Insurance renewal settled and now it looks like I’ll get my credit card fees waived as well

Monday, March 17th, 2008

Recently I wrote about my Bank and its insurance subsidiary forgetting to renew the insurance on my house, despite the policy having been assigned to them.

The policy had been cancelled on the 17th August 07, and I found out in February 08, about 6 months later.  We have been informed that the insurance had been reinstated on the 29th February 08. So for a good 6 months, the property or rather I, had been exposed to God knows what had any mishap occurred.  Fortunately it didn’t. And the Bank did not insist that I should backdate the policy, a move that I would have objected to most strenuously.  Now that this is settled, I called my credit card issuer and asked for a waiver of the annual fees. Yep, it’s the same bank. I am happy to report that the Customer Service representative who handled my call was a sterling example of a CSR. He has told me that he’ll process my request and that my chances are excellent. So it looks like I’ll stay on with this Bank for quite some time to come.

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