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My family and I offer our deepest sympathies to Liam Neeson. We were spared from such a tragedy by God’s Grace.

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

There have been lots written about the tragic accident to the talented and young Mrs. Neeson, actress Natasha Richardson.  The cause of her death was apparently an epidural hematoma caused by blunt-impact trauma to the head, as per the New York City medical examiner’s office. It seems the severity and the consequences of the accident was not fully understood as the family had thought it was minor and even turned down medical treatment.  

My wife and I went through a similar situation about 22 years ago. My wife and I were both working and our two senior girls were tots. Along was a year old and Azah was about 2 months.  

We returned from work one day to see Azah going into fits. We took her to a clinic who then referred us to a nearby private hospital. The doctor at the private hospital in turn referred us to the University Hospital, after his diagnosis that the child was having a blood clot in her head.  We got to the hospital around 9 or 10 pm and it was well after midnight by the time we got the doctors at the University Hospital to examine Azah.  

It was the most worrying 3 hours of our lives for both my wife and I.  

The lady doctor who examined my daughter, (I don’t remember her name, though my family will always remember her in our prayers) told us that there was a blood clot in her head and that she had to be operated on. Our precious Azah by then was turning blue.  

By the grace of the All Mighty everything went well and Azah was transferred to the child ICU ward early in the morning. Her mother stayed back with her whilst I went home to get her some stuff. The UH Child ICU ward was an open ward with a number of children with all kinds of chronic ailments.  

I asked the doctor if I could transfer her to a private hospital and I have never forgotten her answer. The doctor told me that whilst the private hospital may have better room facilities, UH had far better medical expertise, and what was more important for my daughter was medical expertise.  

My wife and Azah (with one year old Along in tow) spent about a week in the ICU before our daughter was discharged.  The doctor told us that this clot could only have been caused by a fall or someone knocking Azah on her head. There was no other way.

This incident resulted in my wife and I reviewing our priorities in life and my wife agreed to resign from her work to become a full time mother.  

Azah is now a fine young lady looking forward to living life to the full. No amount of story telling by my wife or me can ever let her know how terrified her parents were that fateful day.  

All these happened about 22 years ago, but reading about Ms. Richardson’s tragic death has reawakened those memories.  My family has been blessed by the All Mighty in that our precious daughter was saved in time. We are deeply grateful for this gift. 

My heart goes out to Mr. Neeson and his family. Our prayers are with him and we pray that God will give him and his family strength in this time of need. We are sure that the thoughts of families the world over, who saw Ms. Richardson in The Parent Trap as we did, will be with Mr. Neeson.  


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