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Insurance renewal settled and now it looks like I’ll get my credit card fees waived as well

Monday, March 17th, 2008

Recently I wrote about my Bank and its insurance subsidiary forgetting to renew the insurance on my house, despite the policy having been assigned to them.

The policy had been cancelled on the 17th August 07, and I found out in February 08, about 6 months later.  We have been informed that the insurance had been reinstated on the 29th February 08. So for a good 6 months, the property or rather I, had been exposed to God knows what had any mishap occurred.  Fortunately it didn’t. And the Bank did not insist that I should backdate the policy, a move that I would have objected to most strenuously.  Now that this is settled, I called my credit card issuer and asked for a waiver of the annual fees. Yep, it’s the same bank. I am happy to report that the Customer Service representative who handled my call was a sterling example of a CSR. He has told me that he’ll process my request and that my chances are excellent. So it looks like I’ll stay on with this Bank for quite some time to come.

A good example why just preaching to my children on pf won’t help

Thursday, February 7th, 2008

I have been thinking a lot about my post of a couple of days ago. Perhaps the thoughts have been tinged with a sense of regret. Regret that I was not always around during the very formative years as my elder two girls were growing up. Regret that some of the life and pf lessons that I am trying to shove down their throats now, could have been taught and practiced much earlier in their lives. And at a much more relaxed pace.

I spent some time going through my computer files where I had saved emails to my daughters. And I found something.

A pledge that the girls signed, way back on the 26th May 2005 and promised to hang in their hostel rooms as they left home for their University. I reproduce it below.


I, ——————————–, hereby solemnly pledge that I will seek and attain Financial Independence diligently and conscientiously. This, I shall achieve by :- 

a)         Consistently and diligently paying myself first with 10% of everything I earn,  whether it is an allowance from my family or income from any part time job or full time employment. I shall increase this percentage as my earnings rise.  

b)         Daily  I shall keep track of all my expenses so that I can cancel all the unwanted impulse money wasters. 

c)         Over and above paying myself this 10%, I shall save separately for a reserve fund for “rainy days.” 

d)         I will invest this 10% in long term compounding financial instruments that will continue to work hard for me. 

e)         I will read widely on personal financial management and practice the recommended ideas diligently. I will also seek and obtain advice on personal financial matters from people who are financially independent. This will help me in making the money that I have paid myself work harder to earn me more. 

f)          I will never lend any money to anybody. Rather I will donate and contribute to charity as required under the rules of my religion, Islam. 

g)         As soon as possible, I shall seek and obtain sales training. 

h)         I shall learn about insurance and obtain the required level of insurance as soon as possible. I shall also learn about trusts and wills and provide for my loved ones as soon as possible. 

i)          I shall pass on these rules to my younger siblings as soon as they are old enough to understand. I shall also be a good example for them.  

I pray to Allah SWT to give me the strength, wisdom and discipline to consistently and diligently implement the above rules. Irrespective of the many friends who will tell me to do otherwise.  Ameen 

Signed by:                                                                   Witnessed by: 





Reading this brought back memories of how the two girls promised to read and to follow this pledge.

I have not asked my girls specifically if they have followed anything of the pledge they signed with my wife and me as witnesses. Maybe I should.

One thing for sure, I strongly believe my daughters would not be among those of whom, Money, Smart Life is so incredulous about.

Maybe the pledge had something to do with it.

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