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Am I qualified to blog about personal finance?

Monday, February 16th, 2009

I have been thinking quite a bit about this lately. I am not referring to the standard disclaimers most personal financial bloggers put up on their blogs. My doubts go a little deeper than that.  

This blog is merely a channel of communication between my elder children and me on learning from the pf and life mistakes I have made. It’s not intended to be a forum for professional advice from a legally qualified pf guy. So I am not worried about the rich widow who ploughs all her money into gaharu trees, based on an article she read in this blog and then tries to sue the pants off me.  

Then why the doubts? 

My doubts have been triggered off firstly by the fact that I am now at an age when I would want and expect my children to be happily living off their passive income. And I am not.  

And secondly, and in fact more powerfully, by Moneymonk’s recent article on his getting fed up with personal finance gurus’ advise. 

What if my elder two daughters ask me why is our family not rich if I am supposed to be smart enough to advise them? What if they start questioning my suggestions?  

I have tried to justify by comparing myself with the giant investment banks who are now hanging around Washington D.C. with hat in hand. They should have had all the McBrainy people with every possible forecasting model known to man. And the best of their best advice should have been reserved for their employers. And we all know what happened.  

But this is a lousy comparison.  

My daughters know that whatever story I am telling them is based on my true life experience. Backed by total sincerity. So if I ask them to do something that I had not done or done the opposite, at least they’ll know that I am asking them to do something that is not a clear no-no.  

This is what I am clinging to. 

So I may not be qualified. So what, big deal!  My daughters know that no one will love them and want the best for them more than their Mama and me. This is what I am banging on to support my intending to give advice to my kids.

I am sure they can live with this logic. And if I feel it’s good enough for my kids, I sure feel it’s good enough for you, my dear reader.

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