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Looking for my daughter, Nana’s Science switch

Monday, March 9th, 2009

Nana, my daughter number 4, did quite well in her examinations in Standard Six. That was two years ago, and before I took any serious interest in any of my children’s studies. My son, Nana’s senior by a year, did not do so well. This was quite a surprise as Abang was identified by the school teachers as one of the better students. 

That’s the background. 

Now we use an online educational product at home. A product that allows the children to answer countless questions over and over and the results are instantly sent to an electronic report card that their mother and I can view and use as a base to monitor our kids’ progress. We are using the principle of practise makes perfect and so far I am very happy with the progress my son is making. (Incidentally, I am so pleased with the product that I have signed up on its MLM program. I have a blog called More Income for Malaysians on this issue.) 

Nana seems a little reluctant to practice as much as Abang. (True, Abang has had his days of being yelled at by his mother as well as me.) I am beginning to suspect that Nana has an aversion to some of the subjects, in particular Science. She is reluctant to tell me and so is using all her little feminine tricks to escape.

I have been focussing more on Abang as he has an important exam, PMR at the end of this year. Nana would be sitting for this exam next year.  

Malaysia is going through a traumatic period in its education system. Mathematics and Science have been taught in English for the past six years, and there have been some protests about this. These protestors want it to be taught in Bahasa Melayu, as some of the children as well as the teachers are more proficient in that language. I strongly disagree as I think that in this world of globalisation, strong knowledge of one of the world’s commercial languages is an absolute must. 

I do not know if Nana’s aversion is due to this hassle of the language. I am quite sure that many of the teachers are also struggling with English as they were schooled in Bahasa Melayu. Well, the teachers should sort themselves out, not revert from English.  

Today I have made a resolution to find her switch. And I think I know how. Nana is not a dumb girl. She is smart and is a real room warmer with her bright cheery smile and positive outlook towards life.  

I can already imagine the sense of feeling “I can do it!” in Nana’s eyes, as we jointly find the switch and turn it on. Perhaps I should write this post after Nana and I have succeeded, but I want a strong sense of accountability.  

God Willing, I shall write about our joint success very soon.   

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