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We replaced the windshield of our car

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008


This is the first chip that started it all.  

In all our family’s driving years, only once have we changed the windshield of our car. It was almost 10 years ago. I was driving along the highway, when I heard a loud crack. Then I saw the small, somthing like a hairline crack on the windshield. I continued driving and I could almost see the crack “growing”. I think it must have grown by about an inch or so before I reached my destination. 

I changed the windshield without using the windshield insurance that we had. I was under the impression that if I claimed that then I would lose the “no claim bonuses” (NCB) that I was enjoying on my car insurance. 

That was then! 

Earlier this year (I think it was April or so), I noticed another teeny weeny chip on our windshield. I just left it as it was. Last week I noticed another bigger crack. I am not sure how this second crack happened. I wonder if it could have been the heat as the car was parked under the hot sun for the whole day. The next day this crack became longer, by almost another 5 – 6 inches.  

This made me a little worried. Though I have seen some people happily driving around with a spider web kind of crack design covering part of their windshield, I did not want to take the risk. My worry was that the windshield might give way at a most awkward time, like when it was pouring or something like that.   

So we decided to get it replaced and my wife drove up to a windshield repair and asked for a quote.  

Those people advised us to claim the insurance (for which they would do all the paperwork and wait for the claims). In the meantime they would replace the windshield and I could drive off with the car. As this was so convenient, I just chose this method. Perhaps I could have gotten a slightly better price if I had shopped around.

They also advised me that this would not affect the NCB. We now have a new crack and chip free windshield. This is the second claim I have made on car insurance, though for different cars over the last 3 years. I hope that my insurance company does not do what Daniel was worried about when he commented on FMF’s Help a Reader series on minor windshield repair claims.   

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