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Thank God, my two elder girls have secured their first jobs

Monday June 23rd, 2008 by fathersez

Since February 08, I have written a series of articles on how I intended to help my daughters secure jobs they would like. The first article in the series, posted on the 24th February covered an overview of the process and the last article that covered the preparation for the interview was posted on the 4th May 2008. 

At the time of writing these articles, both the elder girls were still in college. In April the second girl returned home after completing her studies in Finance and Accounting whilst the eldest girl, Along, returned on the 10th June 08 after completing her studies in Psychology at the University of Bangor, Wales.  

Along, our eldest has always wanted to work with children. (However it seems that her younger sisters and brother don’t quite count….hehe.) She has gotten a job with an educational company teaching children. Along will be involved in evaluating the methods of teaching used by the institute. She has indicated that she might pursue her Masters in Educational Psychology in a Malaysian University on a part time basis.  

Azah, the second has gotten a job with one of the Big 4 (or 5 or 6) accounting firms. With no experience, she would be starting at the bottom of the ladder (as I did so many years ago.) And yes, she’s well aware of Steve’s concerns over working one’s heart out in the Big 4 or 5 or 6 firms.  

My wife and I are very happy for them, as they prepare to step out of the Fathersez household to begin their lives as self sustaining adults. We believe we have done our best to educate them, at least the basics, of life skills and have no doubt that they’ll do justice to the Fathersez name.  I am now working on the talks with them on the next phase of their lives, career as well as financial.

Above all, I want to try to ensure that they do not make the gross mistake I did in not managing my career. 

Today, as I see the looks of joy on the kids’ faces, now that they have secured their first jobs, I want to thank God and all the very kind bloggers whose resources were freely made available to me. 

On the top of the list would be Free Money Finance, who has a truly rich and extensive resource list on careers. 

Clever Dude, Life Clever, Job Mob and Gather Little by Little are also blogs I referred to frequently whilst writing my series.  And of course the indefatigable Squawkfox, who is also running a series on the intricacies of a job hunt. 

I thank God and all of you for this “gift”.

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3 Comments for “Thank God, my two elder girls have secured their first jobs”

On June 24, 2008
At 12:04 am

Hi Father Sez!
Thank you for mentioning my job hunting series! I would love to be “indefatigable,” but alas…I do get sleepy too. ;)

by Glblguy
On June 24, 2008
At 5:42 am

Thanks for the link and the kind comments. Congrats to your two girls!

by KCLau
On June 24, 2008
At 3:35 pm

Congratulations to Aliaa and Azah for securing a job.
There will be a new milestone for them. It will be a smooth transition under Fathersez’s guidance.

I still remember my time during university - enjoy everything except exam.

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