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The 132nd Carnival of Personal Finance – Whimsical Christmas Edition

Wednesday December 26th, 2007 by fathersez

Whilst the general public are celebrating or getting ready to celebrate, Ms. SVB of The Digerati Life has worked hard to put up the Carnival of Personal Finance – Whimsical Christmas Edition.  

Some of the entries which caught my fancy are:  

Brip Blap makes an excellent point on getting our focus correct, i.e. on seeking to earn more than we spend rather than a focus on spending less than we earn. They are the same, but the focus is different. 

You know, something like the woman saying, “Woman, without her, man is nothing.” And the man saying, “Woman, without her man is nothing.” 

But I guess I have let Steve down somewhat. I have used the excuse of wanting to earn more, and have so far only ended up spending more.  

Ms. Ana of Debt Free Revolution has a major aversion to debt and credit cards and is not thrilled with her father in law saying that we supposedly NEED credit to function in today’s American society.  She is quite pleased with the way her financial future is headed…and that future does not really include credit! 

Let’s hope that Ana does not run into Ms. Madison of My Dollar Plan during this festive season. Madison has a completely opposite view. For Madison of My Dollar Plan has a $1,020,270 credit limit on her 89 cards and has an action plan to apply for new cards and an additional credit limit if $42,100.

I agree with the Investors Journal that we should have our own rules to invest by. Rules that can properly reflect our investment philosophies and strategies. He also has some guides on how to set up these rules.

Dividends 4 Life has a very practical and a very workable approach for income. Seek dividend paying stocks and invest in them. He has previously written about his strict rules for the stocks to remain in his portfolio.

In this Carnival he talks about Dynamic Dividend Investing. The title of the post may seem a little rocket scientist-ish….but the suggested investment strategy appears to be quite straight forward. Worth our while to look it up.

There are a lot more articles presented at the Carnival. Check it out.

And a big hand of applause to Ms. SVB for this excellent job in hosting.   

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10 Comments for “The 132nd Carnival of Personal Finance – Whimsical Christmas Edition”

On December 26, 2007
At 8:39 am

Actually, I *do* know Madison LOL And we have a debate about that very subject coming up…stay tuned while we work out the details.

by fathersez
On December 26, 2007
At 9:56 am

Oh Oh!

Hope it is a very civilised debate. The both of you have diametrically opposite points of view.

This debate should a hotly awaited for event.

I’m sure many of us will have a lot to learn about both the sides of view.

Hope FIL does not run over and divulge the home team’s secrets…hehe

On December 26, 2007
At 10:06 am

Thanks for the link. I’m not disappointed :) it takes a lot of trial-and-error to increase income. In a way, it’s much tougher than just decreasing spending. I can easily decide not to buy a CD. Figuring out how to increase your income is often a much tougher assignment. I’m still working at it myself!

On December 26, 2007
At 10:26 am

Thank you for the kind words and the link to my article Dynamic Dividend Investing.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Best Wishes,

by fathersez
On December 26, 2007
At 11:21 am

@Brip Blap. Thanks for your views. I am hoping, no, working on, increasing income. It is a major goal for 2008, and I look forward to discusssing this with you sometime later in 2008.


You are welcome. And my best wishes to you and family also.

On December 26, 2007
At 1:15 pm

Absolutely it will be civil…other than our diamterically opposing views on CCs we actually get along pretty well!

On December 26, 2007
At 3:09 pm

Thank you for highlighting the carnival! I’d like to wish you all a great holiday season and New Year and am glad you all enjoyed it. :) Did you get what you want from Santa?

On December 29, 2007
At 10:54 am

It’s all set, Ana and I are ready to start the debate on Jan. 4! It should be fun. Thanks for including my article.

by fathersez
On December 29, 2007
At 2:01 pm


I am sure no body will be expecting anyone to win or lose.

It will be good enough to hear the various points for the pros and cons of cc’s.

Good luck to the both of you.

On January 4, 2008
At 10:31 pm

[…] I have 89 accounts.  Ana hates them! Others have even noticed our opposing views, most recently highlighted by Father […]

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