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The 133rd Carnival of Personal Finance – The Last of 2007 Edition

Posted By fathersez On January 1, 2008 @ 6:28 pm In Carnivals

2007 ended with a grand PF do hosted by [1] Were in Debt 

There was so much to read and so much to learn. So much to be inspired by. The posts that I particularly enjoyed reading are listed here.

The Montana innkeeper talking about [2] fueling the fire of passion. To do what we love, to have the courage to make a life which is no less important than making a living.  

Free from Broke did a double take, when [3] his little girl asked him for a credit card. And the little girl was just 7!!! And guess what? She wanted the card because she could buy everything with it!! 

Good reminder to all of us with children….Let’s start teaching our children about finance, including credit cards at an early stage.  

Madison shocks us all by disclosing the number of accounts she has. But [4] she manages the 181 of them without too much of a bother since she has a system set up.  

Lynnae of Being Frugal gives sound advise on [5] how to get an emergency fund going even if money is tight. Her words remind me of a common proverb in our country. “Little by little a mountain is formed”.  

Mr. and Mrs. Credit Card have set [6] 2 major financial goals for 2008. They have no credit card debt, so their namesakes don’t feature in the 2008 goals.   

The Honest Dollar gives his views in [7] how 2008 is likely to be for stock market investors and warns us to watch out for the 3 major mistakes. 

Moolanomy’s Pinyo wrote a guest post in MMND on [8] how to retire on less. Ah! Finally an answer to the ultimate problem many of us may have.  

These are just my personal preferences. There are lots and lots others, covering Credit Cards, Your Accounts, Fresh Ideas, Goals for 2008, Investing and Others. 

It should be worth your while to check this Carnival out. 

Though he acknowledges as being in debt, the King of Debt has spared no effort to make this Carnival a grand and fitting end to 2007.  

I think a round of applause and a bow is in order.

Thank you, King!

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