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The 2 types of people to look out for at traffic lights

Friday September 5th, 2008 by fathersez

Traffic lights are there for a reason. Principally because human beings cannot be trusted to do the right thing, our forefathers have thought up of traffic lights to coordinate traffic flows. And for those hard core humans who try to flout the traffic light rules, there are laws and regulations to deal with them.  

We are supposed to stop when the lights are red, go when green and get ready to stop when they are amber.  

Still, when we are at traffic lights, it is useful to remember to look out for the two types of people who may give us serious cause for worry. 

The Anticipators 

These guys floor the gas pedal not when their lights are green, but when the opposite lights turn red. They try to travel a couple of miles in the few split seconds it takes before their own lights turn green.  These guys are particularly potent when they are at the front of the queue. If stuck behind some cars, they become generally harmless. So if you are a pedestrian trying to cross a road at a junction (where there are no pedestrian lights), be especially careful and keep a sharp eye for these anticipators. 

The Stragglers who suddenly turn into F1 Drivers 

These guys can be seen from the way they react when they are still some distance away from the junction and the light has turned amber. A furious flooring of the gas pedal takes place and these guys try to speed their way through.  

Of course the worse is when Anticipators run into Stragglers, and together they can cause royal pile ups and screw up the daily lives of thousands. 

Let us be forewarned.    

Picture Credit: Wordcutter.com

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