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The 8th of March 08, history in the making for Malaysia

Sunday March 9th, 2008 by fathersez

The 8th of March 08 is set to be a day of historical significance in Malaysia.

Our 12th General Elections were held on this day. Malaysians long used to having only the Government controlled mass media as information sources, have now alternative information pipelines like the Internet, a proliferation of political blogs and sms’es. Coupled with an influx of new young voters, a tsunami of political change resulted.

For the first time in 50 years, 5 states are now in the hands of the opposition.

This is great as we, members of the general public, want more accountability, transparency and governance in our Government . At least the levels of checks and balances should now be better.

I want to see the pillars of democracy restored. An independent judiciary, executive and civil service. During the long reign (22 years) of our previous Prime Minister who though, credited with putting Malaysia on the world economic map, did a lot of damage to this icon of democracy. He was changing laws whenever it was an impediment to his plans.

(I think we may be holding the world record for the number of times our Federal Constitution has been amended.) 

Malaysians have matured politically, and for the good of my children and God Willing, my grandchildren and their children, I hope the new political leaders will set down iron clad rules for:-

a) Transparency, accountability and good governance in Government,

b) Limiting the terms of major political posts to 2 terms,

c) Separating and creating independence for the three pillars of a democracy, i.e. the judiciary, civil service and the executive.

d) A press that is more free and responsible. A press that will report the good, the bad and the ugly of our country, and let us, the people decide on what we want every 5 years.

The next few days will see this tsunami of political change  analyzed and counter analyzed to death.

However, the Malaysian people have already succeeded in telling our political leaders that they are but our servants and if seen not to perform, they would be sacked!

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