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The Digerati Life has included me amongst people she classifies as “great minds”

Thursday March 13th, 2008 by fathersez

Oh, boy, looks like my carefully nurtured bluff has just been called.  

Ms. SVB got tagged in a book meme, where she had to pick up the nearest book, open page 123, find the 5th sentence and then post the next three. And as per tagging tradition, she had to pick another 5 people for this meme. And she included me as one of the 5 great minds as she calls them.   

I have serious doubts that anyone who knows me would classify me as a great mind. Well, except for my youngest daughter, perhaps.  

I remember, many years ago, when the so called critics listed the best movies of the year, I had seen none of them. They also listed the worst movies of the year and I had seen the movie right at the bottom of the list. And twice! And I had thoroughly enjoyed the movie both times.  

So I am grateful that Ms. SVB has seen some good in me, and included me amongst illustrious company. Thank you, Ma’am.   

Coming back to the book meme, the nearest book is Robin Sieger’s “You can change your life any time you want.” This book is being used by my 4th daughter, Nana to improve her English. I have previously written a little about the system we use.  

Page 123 is the beginning of Chapter 8, titled Honesty. (At least, I was honest upfront.) 

Sentences 6 – 8 read:- 

We should not be blind to aspects of ourselves that we are not comfortable with, or imagine things to other than they truly are. In all aspects of our goals, our beliefs, our attitudes and our expectations, we should be completely honest with ourselves.         

NO LEGACY IS SO RICH AS HONESTY                                                           

                                                             William Shakespeare 

This is so apt. For years I have been spending less than wisely. I was completely blind to the fact that I was living basically beyond my means. Though I did not dig myself into a bottomless pit, I really “messed up big time” opportunities to have built up a sizeable nest egg.  

Now I am a lot more honest with myself. My wife and I are a lot more careful with our spending and it looks like I may actually have a fighting chance to “quit the rat race”, just like Ms. SVB has done. 

Well, I have fulfilled most of the terms of my being tagged. I have to beg off on the tagging of another 5 people. I am still new and I do think the few people I know have all been tagged. 

But, please feel free to jump in if you wish.  


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