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The Fathersez family goes wireless….finally

Wednesday November 12th, 2008 by fathersez

I am one who can be considered technologically challenged. I am almost always behind in adopting technology. You can rest assured that the cell phones, computers, cameras, TV etc., that we use in our home (those that I buy or am responsible for buying) would be the ones that the would be about 2 or 3 generations old.  

This habit is not a reflection of my frugal nature, rather a reflection of my strong belief in “not fixing something that ain’t broke”. 

We have had internet access in our home for quite some time. We used wires and it was okay when all we had was the home desktop and my laptop. 

The numbers grew when my wife got herself a laptop. And on weekends with the two elder girls and their laptops the total came to 5 machines. Our internet modem had 4 outlets so we could use 4 machines at any one time. Our computer table arrangements further restricted that to 3. 

You can imagine the wires running all over the place. The power cables as well as the internet cables. Just see the mess!   


From the angle of wanting to get the clutter better organised, I consulted a friend about going wireless. And last week we finally got that done.  

The Fathersez family is now wireless! 

The desktop is still connected by cable. Only the laptops are on wireless. The mess is a lot better controlled now. (I did have to shell out some money for a wireless modem). 


Isn’t this a lot better? I think it is. 

The challenge now is to make sure none of the younger three kids take any of the computers upstairs to their rooms and play all night!  

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One Comment for “The Fathersez family goes wireless….finally”

by Mrchildren24
On November 12, 2008
At 6:13 pm

At last..one of baby boomers adopted telecommunication transition..:-)

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