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The MLM industry is going to boom

Monday November 17th, 2008 by fathersez

With so many companies announcing cutbacks and many others freezing new hires it is no wonder that the unemployment statistics are so grim. So many of the laid off workers as well as new entrants to the job market will be looking at other avenues for making a living.  

And a common choice would be MLM. And why not? The advantages of MLM are many: 

-         a low cost of entry,

-         no hassles about keeping and maintaining workers,

-         no need for special premises,

-         no need to carry much inventory,

-         remuneration being closely related to the effort we put in,

-         training provided,

-         tremendous opportunity for growth,

-         being our own boss etc. 

Of course the basic rules of business must still prevail. The product or service being sold has to be useful and meet some clear need and be reasonably priced.  Still this industry seems to have acquired such a reputation that many just slam the door in your face or slam down the phone if you mention MLM.  Some may even be ashamed to admit that they are in MLM. 

I don’t think we should be. And I think MLM is an option that we should not simply write off. If it involves a product or service that we use ourselves and are happy with the price and results, then there is absolutely no reason why we should not recommend it to our friends and family. This is the foundation of MLM.  

Perhaps therein is the problem. Many of the participants are not truly convinced of the product and seek to push it only for the lucrative returns that we get in the form of all those commissions. The low entry barriers also allow for many uninspired participants to get in, try to push the product, fail, and move on to some other MLM company or outside the industry.  

And MLM companies too have had their share of black sheep.  

It’s not surprising that some people have such strong views against the MLM industry and their participants.  

Here is one such view, well written and very well discussed.

Despite all the bad press, I still feel that MLM is an option that is worth considering. As with any other investment or business, we have to do our research and seek appropriate advice if necessary.  

And if you are happy with the company, its product or service, the results that the product or service produces and the price you paid for the product or service, you have a basis for a business.  

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2 Comments for “The MLM industry is going to boom”

On February 13, 2009
At 12:27 am


My name is Susan Su. I’m working with Ramit Sethi of iwillteachyoutoberich.com and he pointed me to this post.

Couple of things I wanted to ask you:

1. Ramit just put out a private video on automating your finances and we wanted to send it to you as a thank-you.
2. His new book is coming out, and for the people who pre-order the book (it’s about $10) in the next few days, you’ll get 6 chapters by PDF before anyone else, plus entry into a private community with premium content. Can I send you some more info and the link to the video? If yes, please drop me a line as soon as possible — susanfsu (at) gmail.com



On February 13, 2009
At 4:51 pm

Hi, Susan,

Thanks for the mail. And my grateful thanks for your offer of the free video. Actually I am in Malaysia and I am an avid follower of Ramit’s blog. However I suspect some of his suggestions may not work here. So I have to pass on his book.


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