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The narration of the Arab and the Camel

Wednesday July 30th, 2008 by fathersez

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Most of us might have heard the story of the Arab, the Camel and the tent. This can   perhaps be best described as the Arabic story form version of the saying “Give him an inch and he asks for a foot.” 

The more relevant story to me currently is the one with the same players minus the tent. 

The Quran is the primary source of guidance for Muslims. The secondary source is narrations of what the Prophet pbuh said or did during his lifetime.  

One of these narrations goes like this: 

“A person came riding his camel to the mosque. Upon reaching the mosque, he dismounted, left the camel and walked right into the mosque. The Prophet pbuh saw him and asked, “Why are you not tying up the camel?” To which the man replied, “I am leaving him in the care of the All Mighty.” And the Prophet pbuh told him, “Tie the camel to the post, and then leave him in the care of the All Mighty.” 

This hadith (as we refer to the narrations) has left a very strong impression on me.  I have no doubt that ultimately all that happens and all that do not happen are exactly as how the All Mighty wanted them to be.  Hence despite all that we plan, test, and do, the final outcome is not in our hands. So, theoretically we can just sit and gaze at the sky, ceiling or wall or whatever, do nothing and the outcome will be just as ordained.  

My thinking on this has, (ever since I read about this hadith)  been strongly influenced by the hadith of the Arab and his camel. We are required to do all that we can and then and only then should we leave it in the hands of the All Mighty.  

This is the hadith, I reflected back upon as I driving home today. My last day at work has been agreed as the 31st of July 08, the day after tomorrow. 

I have planned for this eventuality. I have lined up what I should do to ensure that my family is provided for. I even have a back up plan (i.e. to go back to the life of a working stiff - not a good one, but still a back up).   

And I believe that I have done all the above with all sincerity and given them the best that I have in my arsenal of knowledge and experience. 

Now as I wait for the moment to take the big leap into the unknown, I do so with the conviction that it is now in the hands of the All Mighty.     

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One Comment for “The narration of the Arab and the Camel”

On July 31, 2008
At 2:34 am

Do you ever wonder how Israeli Camels are like Canadian Moose?

Check out Canada’s Israel ( http://www.canadasisrael.ca )
to read a cool story about camels and moose.


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