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The results are in ……I am not a Net junkie.

Friday November 21st, 2008 by fathersez

About a month ago, I wrote about my little Internet experiment. I wanted to stay away from the Internet for a week and check out the effects. 

It has been said that habits form slowly and seamlessly. A cigarette once in a while becomes a cigarette more often and before we know it, we become a cigarette junkie. The simile used by Dr. Covey, I think, was the building of thick mighty ropes strong enough to hold ships still, by the use of small fine threads over and over again. 

Many of us use the Internet at work, home and play. Maybe even without us realising it, we might be Net addicted. It might show by we becoming uneasy when we do not have access.  I should know, I used to feel that I was one of them.  

So the week without any access to the Net was an important test case.  And I am happy to report that the week went well, and life went on just fine and dandy without accessing the Net at all. 

As expected, my reader box is overflowing. I am still reading the blog posts of late October, and the debates on the US Presidential elections are still going on. (It does feel a little strange to read about predictions etc., where the outcome is now known). 

I feel that this experiment was a very useful thing to do. I am clear of all withdrawal symptoms and am sure that I’ll get by another week or two if I chose to.  

Bloggers and readers of blogs must be prolific users of the Net. The same can be said for the younger generation who are so attuned to computers and the Net that they might not be able to imagine life without or before the Net. It may do us some good to once in a while take a step back and say that we are going to live our lives without the Net for a week or so.    

Next week, I am attending a 4 day course and am travelling for a couple of days after that. As at now, my plan is not to take the laptop along and just stay away from the online world.  

After all I do have an offline world that I should be focussing on.   

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2 Comments for “The results are in ……I am not a Net junkie.”

by Kathryn
On November 21, 2008
At 12:00 pm

Congrats, you made it through your experiment and are now more conscious of your daily actions. Soon we will embark on a similar pursuit. I’ve known we need to step away from television for months now. We don’t have much time as a family at night and, what little time we do have, we seem to give up much too willingly to someone elses’ thoughts (tv). It’s time we re-connected with one another. Wish us luck.

On November 21, 2008
At 6:48 pm

Hi, Kathryn,

Thanks you for your kind wishes. Yes, TV takes a lot of our time. We have cancelled subscription TV at home and even the kids don’t miss it any more.

I think you are doing a great thing by consciously getting rid of the idiot box. Wish you all the best, and rest assured that you won’t miss anything.


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