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The sun is rising again in my life

Sunday April 6th, 2008 by fathersez

Last week I took a few days off from work to just laze around at home. To sort of come to terms with the new equation in our family. 

My partners in the telecommunication contracting company asked me to come along for a trip to Jakarta. I gladly accepted, as it would be a good break. And what a trip it turned out to be! 

As I wrote in my guest post in Free Money Finance, an opportunity with great potential (the building and leasing of telecom towers) was badly dashed when the Indonesian Government issuing a decree placing the business in their negative list for foreigners. 

It appears that whilst I was in India for my mother’s funeral, my partners had been having some tentative talks with another Indonesian company who had also been eyeing the same opportunity, but for another part of the country. 

The night we arrived in Jakarta, we had a dinner together. There were 6 people from their team and the three of us. The vibes were great. Both our Chairmen got along well and the rest of us got along like a ball of fire.

We agreed to meet the next morning to go over some specifics. To cut a long story short, on Thursday, we signed an agreement for mutual cooperation in the business.  Now, the business is back to “GO”, and in a form much larger than what we had in the first place.  

 We have agreed on the broad organization structure and the only Malaysian would be the CEO of this operating joint venture company, the rest of the staff would be Indonesians.  

The tax department of a Big 4 is reviewing the proposed corporate structure and should give their final views in the coming week. 

We had earlier received several promising leads for financing from Malaysian Banks with operations in Indonesia. We’ll be revisiting these Banks with the revised corporate formula which should strengthen our standing.  

Our local partners, too, had made their own approaches to their bankers. So now we have a larger pool of banks to talk to. Things look pretty good at the moment.

God willing, by end of April, the JV Company will have set up its own office and the business will start.    

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2 Comments for “The sun is rising again in my life”

On April 7, 2008
At 4:48 am

I’m very glad to hear that! May the sun shine most gloriously and happily on you and your family. :)

On April 7, 2008
At 11:34 am

Thank you, kind Ma’am.

And my very best wishes to you and Mr. M also.

Best Regards

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