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These bums, don’t they have something better to do?

Friday July 18th, 2008 by fathersez

I am as angry as this guy!. Picture credit: Google 

For the past few weeks I have been bugged by some shady character whose sole purpose in life seems to be sending spam messages to my blog. 

I’ll mark them as spam regularly and equally regularly he’ll send them back to me. It is clear that this is a way one sided battle. This creep being a master at what he does probably automates his mail (always the same IP address with different gmail ID’s), while I have to clear them manually. 

Mrs. Micah once wrote about a variation of these nasty fellows. Except that her guy (are they all guys?) seemed a little more devious. He used real commentators’ names, hoping to slip through Mrs. M’s eagle eyes. He was caught out and now she’s removing such dubious comments manually (I think?). 

Ana, over at Debt Free Revolution gave a mighty military style warning to these creeps. I am not sure if they now leave her alone. (BTW, her last post is dated June 20th. Any idea what happened?) 

A search in Google on how to block specific IP addresses gave me something about Spam Karma to be loaded in as a plug in. Hah! The only plugs I know are 3 pin plugs! 

So for the time being, it seems that all I can do is to curse this guy each time I delete his spam. Hopefully he’ll soon find another job as a telemarketer or a used car salesman.  

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2 Comments for “These bums, don’t they have something better to do?”

On July 18, 2008
At 9:37 pm

At least the more devious ones are human. A lot of spam comes from spam-bots and is quite easy to stop. But you hope the human will get tired and go to a less-monitored blog. It seems like there are so many virtually abandoned blogs they could be doing this on!

by hank
On August 5, 2008
At 1:04 am

Hey fathersez - actually plugins are very easy to use - are you using Wordpress? All a plugin needs is download, copy and pasting to your blog, and then activating it - Those guys bug me too - tough time on my side weeding through them as well -

here’s a more in depth article about installing one: http://www.themelab.com/2008/03/07/how-to-install-a-wordpress-plugin/

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