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Tip to maintain our sanity in traffic jams

Wednesday October 8th, 2008 by fathersez


Picture Credit: The Star, Malaysia 

You know the feeling. You are in your car, merrily driving along to wherever you want to go. Then you get caught in a traffic jam, right smack in the middle of something like that shown in the picture above.

You sit patiently, as the cars move slowly, almost inch by inch. Then you see some drivers using the emergency lanes, overtaking a stretch of cars and then cutting back well ahead of you. Doesn’t this make your blood boil? These characters contribute to the jam, as cars have to slow down when this people cut back into the main lines. 

This is a very frequent sight on Malaysian roads and especially marked during the mass exodus from the main cities that happen at every major Malaysian festival. 

I used to get really upset with these guys. Do these emergency lane users really think that the rest of us are blind and do not see the emergency lanes? Do they think that the rest of us are stupid and do not know how to use the empty emergency lanes and then cut back in like they do? 

Last week as my family and I were doing our Hari Raya rounds this happened. We were trapped in a long stretch of snail like traffic and then these “heroes” started using the emergency lanes and then cut in well ahead of us. As I watched these fellows, I could feel my blood pressure rise. I wished I had a magic wand that I could just wave and puncture all four of their tires and get them stuck for hours.  

Then a thought suddenly struck me. Perhaps these guys had a very sick child on board whom they were rushing to a clinic or hospital. Or maybe some other sick relative. Maybe it was because of this that they were forced to drive the way they were doing. I know I would if I were to be driving my very sick child to a clinic and I faced something like that kind of traffic. 

Immediately my feelings of disgust and anger at these people dropped. And I felt a lot calmer. And a far lot better. This is what I do now. If I cannot avoid it, I just sit through a traffic jam, and calmly watch these guys merrily cut in and tell myself that they are doing this because of some emergency.

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One Comment for “Tip to maintain our sanity in traffic jams”

by Natasha
On November 6, 2008
At 10:32 am

i guess its very good that u feel calmer, (i get boiling mad with these people too) but i seriously doubt they have sick kids in the back seat. Plus i do feel that if we continue to enable these selfish drivers, they’ll continue to do it. I’d love to see them get stuck in the emergency lane, and not get let back in. These people are selfish, so they’ll prob only stop doing it if they get stuck/ end up slower than if they had just stayed in line. Also if they kena saman la.. need some cops there!

p.s not too much news re rubber & goats, but will update u soon! :)

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