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We sold our house – the emotional factor

Monday April 14th, 2008 by fathersez

Selling a house is not just a simple dollars and cents issue. Emotions do play a major role. Just ask Emily, she’ll tell you. 

The house we have just sold is so intricately intertwined with our family history.  

a) This is the first house my wife and I bought.  

b) This is the house I came back to one day after work. That morning I had left for work from our rented house. During the day, my wife with our two elder girls (who were then about 6 and 7 years old) handled the complete shifting assisted by some hired help. Even though we had much less “stuff” than we have now, this accomplishment by my wife still astonishes my friends. 

c) This is the house where three of our kids were born. There can be no more important memories than those of our kids when they are at the “My Mommy knows everything” stage.  

d) This is the house we were living in when I suddenly realized that my corporate career was not what I really wanted and just quit. Without proper planning and preparation, it was a bad move and I had to jump back in not too long after.  

e) This is the house, where we discovered after moving in that our opposite neighbor was the father in law of a dear friend. This created instant friendships and made the easing into a new neighborhood so much easier for us. 

f) This is the house where we planted our first tree, a neem. This tree is almost a given in every Indian home which has some land. Reading what Wikipedia says about the neem tree, one cannot be surprised. The tree is now a healthy strapping 20 footer. 

We have treasured the house ever since we moved in. We have looked after the house and maintained it well.  Perhaps the house’s rough patch was when we first rented out the house. Our first tenant cannot be classified as an ideal one. We did up the house after he vacated and spent slightly more than the sum total of the rental he paid during his tenure. 

The house is presently tenanted by a truly wonderful family, with admirable housekeeping habits. (We made an offer for them to buy the house, but they were otherwise committed.) My wife will be meeting with them on Tuesday or Wednesday to tell them about the sale.  

The buyer seems to be a good person. He has said that he wants to buy the house because his mother and sister stay not too far away from the house. (I do suspect the neem tree might have played a small role in helping to tilt the decision.) 

This house has served us well. It has also worked hard and created some financial equity for us.  

For this and everything else, my family and I shall always remain grateful. It is unfortunate that we have to sell the house, but we really could not see any other way out of the financial hole that I had dug my family into. We can only say that we are confident that we are passing over the house to someone who will treasure and look after the house as well as we would like the house to be looked after.  

And this house will always retain its illustrious role in our family history.     

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2 Comments for “We sold our house – the emotional factor”

by Liz
On April 17, 2008
At 1:13 am

Three years ago, I helped my parents sell the house I grew up in and it was hard to actually see their pain in having to leave so many of their memories behind.

Even though, their new house (and community) is very beautiful, much safer and better than they ever thought a home could be.


They would take the 1+ hour drive to visit it, every now and again, and would say how terrible the gardens and lawn looked.

They’ve finally stopped going, recently, and want to remember it as it was - a place where their kids grew up.

Because, you’re allowed to take your memories with you!

Good luck.

On April 17, 2008
At 8:33 am

You are so right, Liz. My wife’s grandmother is now too old to live by herself and stays with one of her sons. Every now and then she’ll ask to be taken beck to her “house” and she’ll try to clean the house.

The house where she raised her 12 or 13 sons and daughters is now just lying empty and I know it hurts her.

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